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    Are you going to preorder the OT DVDs?

    With the Star Wars Classic Trilogy DVD set coming this Fall, several e-tailers have begun offering preorders for the set, many with discounts off the suggested retail price of $70 and/or other incentives (for example, is currently offering the set at $42 plus free shipping). Despite being the controversial "Special Edition" version of the trilogy, it doesn't take the Force powers of a Jedi to foresee that this DVD set will be in high demand by the time it hits retail in late September.

    So with that in mind, will you be preordering the DVDs, waiting to see if there will be a better offer - perhaps with different incentives - or holding out entirely for whatever reason?

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    Re: Are you going to preorder the OT DVDs?

    Yep! Pre-ordered five minutes ago from DVD Empire.

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    Re: Are you going to preorder the OT DVDs?

    I'm going to pre-order. But probably from a local retailer. I think prices will be pretty competitive upon release. Probably similar to the online Pre-Order prices. I'll have to check Media Play on Friday.

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    Re: Are you going to preorder the OT DVDs?

    I'll wait for retail. What's the rush? It's not like I don't know every frame already. Besides, is it some kind of ****ing-contest to see who is the bigger fan? "I got mine firr..erst, nah nah!"

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    Re: Are you going to preorder the OT DVDs?

    I'll buy mine in the store instead of waiting for the delivery (which can be days and sometimes weeks after it goes on sale)- unless they can deliver it at 12:01 A.M. to my door step the day you can buy it- which will never happen.
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    Re: Are you going to preorder the OT DVDs?

    I'm not sure. I have a coupon for $10 off at, but it expires tomorrow. If the DVD doesn't come out until September, I don't know if I would be able to use it. Also, I don't have enough of a spending limit on any credit card to pre-order (I know they won't charge until the day it ships), and I'm moving in a little over a month, and I'm not locked into a permanent address yet.

    I guess I'll wait to see what else comes down the line.
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    Re: Are you going to preorder the OT DVDs?

    I never pre-order movies. They can almost always be found at multiple places, and at extremely competitive prices upon release. The only flick that I can remember not being able to find on release was Scarface (and even then, plenty more were around within a few days).

    I'll be buying in in the store, along with all my other DVD's!

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    Re: Are you going to preorder the OT DVDs?

    This won't be hard to find. I'll probably pre-order near the time.

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    Re: Are you going to preorder the OT DVDs?

    Did it this afternoon when I saw the news at the digital bits.
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    Re: Are you going to preorder the OT DVDs?

    I'm not the pre-order type. I'll pick it up at a store after it comes out.
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