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    Question Anakin Skywalker Flashback?? help

    Hello everyone, im new here and i have a question that no one has been able to answer for me for years. Ok heres my situation. Acouple years back i was at a target, and the flashback photos were new. I picked up the anakin skywalker. I noticed on one there was a difference between two of them. The regular one had the original Anakin Skywalker flashback, the one of the "spirt anakin" and young anakin working of his pod racer. The one i bought has the actual darth vader flashback, it has the darth vader pointing and you, and young anakin running in his backpack in tatoonie. (not the INTENDED flashback for anakin, at least i dont think so). So the flashback photo is different from the back of the card. I dunno if this was intended by hasbro, because anakin and vader are the same person. Did they make a few of these and switch them with the real anakin flashback, or is this just a cool error by hasbro. Thanks for your time!!!! Ohh and the number on the back is 560226.0000, and the stamp is 90681, if that helps. Sorry, but i dont have a skanner, but i assure you that i do have this firgure. this is not a joke or anything i swear. please help! if you have more questoins just ask. thanks

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    Re: Anakin Skywalker Flashback?? help

    My guess would be that someone in the factory screwed up and put the wrong flashback photo with the figure. That would be my guess.
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    Re: Anakin Skywalker Flashback?? help

    When the Freeze Frame cards were released, it was very common in my area to find cards without the freeze frame or with the wrong freeze frame on the card, like this Luke with an Ackbar FF
    Luke with Ackbar FF
    Some were factory errors and some were just people stealing the FF's. I suppose this was the same with the Force Files.

    The Anakin Flashback came with the Spirit/young Anakin flashback and the Vader came with the Vader/"different" young Anakin flashback. Yours most likely just got switched in the factory, though it's possible someone switched them in the store.

    You can see the Flashback Photo's HERE
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    Re: Anakin Skywalker Flashback?? help

    thanks you guys! that was my thought on this...but since anakin and vader are the same person..i thought i coulda had something big..but thanks just the same!!


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