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    Fan Club Package

    I wasn't sure where to post this, but i just got a package from the fan club and in it was an artwork cell from the Ewoks cartoon. They said it is an original cell, I got what looks like a rock. I was wondering what others got?
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    Re: Fan Club Package

    Cool! I was wondering when the new Fan Club stuff was being mailed out. I'll post what I get when it arrives.
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    Re: Fan Club Package

    Hmmm. . . sounds pretty sweet. Let's hope I actually get sent somethinbg this time.
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    Re: Fan Club Package

    Hey, sounds good. I was wondering if they were doing anything this year.

    This reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Bart wants to get an original cel from Itchy & Scratchy, and it's an arm. Too bad they couldn't send ones from the Clone Wars instead.
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    Re: Fan Club Package

    Any one else get anything yet?
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    Re: Fan Club Package

    Yeah, I found the whole package worthless. Just a punch of promo posters for CCG & Lego stuff I don't even collect.

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    Re: Fan Club Package

    Just got mine, Can You Say LAME !!!!!!!! The cell is totally pathetic, some kind of mouth, if they were going to give out cells than they should have given something that was actually worth it. The rest of the promotional items were just as useless.
    The fan club should consider giving an exclusive figure instead like Moore Collectibles or even McFarlane Toys. Maybe when Hasbro has these Fan's Choice vote polls, the characters that don't make it can be picked up by the Fan Club and used as a premium for the Fan Club membership package.
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    Re: Fan Club Package

    Yeah, I think I've got all the kits sent to members since they started doing this with Bantha Tracks. This one is by far the lamest assortment yet.


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