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    Sidious defeats Yoda? What's up with that?

    OK, if the best spoilers in circulation are true, it goes like this:

    Anakin kills Dooku

    Obi-Wan kills Grevious

    Anakin kills Mace

    Palpatine defeats Yoda

    Anakin kills little Jedi kids

    Obi-Wan defeats Anakin

    Vader appears some time after all this. It is indeterminate if he'll fight.

    The only thing that really irks me is that Yoda looses to Palpatine? Dude! Yoda is the man! Nobody can beat Yoda!

    So Palpatine hands Yoda his butt, and then Anakin (as a crippled Vader) defeats Palpatine? What? How? Why? Because Vader wasn't biological? The Emperor's lightning didn't have as great of effects on him? If the Emperor was so physically powerful, (to defeat Yoda in a duel) why didn't he just wriggle his way free of Vader? Instead, he shoots lightning but otherwise doesn't appear to struggle that much. Did he create the instrument of his doom (Vader) ? What's the message here?
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    Re: Sidious defeats Yoda? What's up with that?

    "I have said it many times, you are the most gifted Jedi I have ever seen. I forsee you becoming the greatest of all Jedi, even more powerful than Master Yoda!"

    Yoda da man! Loses to Palpatine(most powerful evil wins), Who inturn loses to Anakin(showing that true goodness from within, will prevail over ultimate evil) Let's celebrate the love! Yeah Baby!!!
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    Re: Sidious defeats Yoda? What's up with that?

    What??? Anakin killing the Jedi kids is sick. Where did you hear that? It sounds dumb.
    GEORGE: Okay, little Billy. This crazy madman is going to run up to you and impale you with his lightsaber, so act like you're scared, okay?
    I can't see it happening, unless he destroys the whole temple with the kids in it, which would only happen after he becomes Vader anyway.

    Yoda losing to Palpatine/Sidous, I can understand. In ROTJ, he says to Luke on his deathbed, "Beware the powers of the Emperor." This leads me to believe that he whooped Yoda's arse once upon a time, which I guess is in Episode III.
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    Re: Sidious defeats Yoda? What's up with that?

    Not to mention the phrase, "Do not understimate the powers of the Emperor."
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    Re: Sidious defeats Yoda? What's up with that?

    Yes it's pretty much confirmed. Anakin (as angry-Anakin, not Vader) kills Jedi kids. They'll probably do that sort of like they did Anakin vs. the Tuskens, and not show everything, but imply it pretty directly.

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    Re: Sidious defeats Yoda? What's up with that?

    I don't buy Yoda getting his butt kicked by Palpatine. Now I can see Yoda turning his back on Palpatine, unaware Palpatine is evil, and Palpatine sucker shocks him.

    Remember Yoda turned away Dooku's Force Lightning pretty easily.

    IMO, when Yoda warned Luke about the Emperor, it was more about falling to the dark side than anything else. "Suffer your fathers fate" and all that.

    As for Anakin killing Jedi kids, I also think it would be implied. But we already know that 1. Anakin kills lots of Jedi. 2. There are children who are Jedi. So it kinda stands to reason. Or at least it dosen't sound too far fetched.
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    Re: Sidious defeats Yoda? What's up with that?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. JabbaJohnL
    What??? Anakin killing the Jedi kids is sick. Where did you hear that? It sounds dumb.
    if those little smartass jedi kiddies are as annoying as they were in aotc then he's doing us a favour !

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    Re: Sidious defeats Yoda? What's up with that?

    But what about Jar-Jar? Whosea gonnea slaughtera himma?
    I think I read something about Jar Jar surviving the movie on a plot wrap-up, but I would be suprised to see ol' Jar make it out alive.
    Now, I am not hatin' on the character. I actually like the performance and don't detest the goofiness. But, still, if we're gonna...PLEASE THE FANS...well, Jar has gotta bite it!

    As fas as yoda-0, sidious-1, well, it's gonna have to be an UNBELIEVEABLE fight. Better than Smith vs Neo, better than Yoda vs. Dooku, better than Mankind vs. Mick Foley. BIG.

    I'd like to see Sidious have some sort of crazy weapon, like a 3-pronged lightsaber or a double-bladed saber, both ends facing away from the user, like a prong. More than likely, Sidious will just have a different single-blade or be Mr. Erupto with the force-lightening.

    Maybe him and Yoda could get in a fist-fight, ala Fett/Obi-Wan .
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    Re: Sidious defeats Yoda? What's up with that?

    It's a all-out show-down with all their powers their senior status gives them:

    Palpatine Force-hurls his dentures at Yoda following up with spraying him with the cleanser!

    Yoda counters by using his powers to levitate and Force-throw boxes of Depens at Palpatine!

    Things get ugly when Palpatine hurls his wheel-chair at Yoda - but he's so small, the Sith Lord misses!

    Next they break out their canes, and to protect their eyes, don dark glasses!

    The cane fight gets awfully bloody.

    Yoda seems like he's got the upper hand until he slips on some of Palpatine's multi-vitamins!

    Palpatine takes advantage of this distraction and steals Yoda's handicap parking placard!

    Using the full authority vested in him as Supreme Chancellor, Palpatine orders the Royal Guards to tow away Yoda's hover-chair for illegal parking!

    Yoda flees the fight to chase the guardsmen down to "impound."

    Consequently, he later tells Luke "Do not underestimate the powers of the Emperor!"

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    Re: Sidious defeats Yoda? What's up with that?

    I personally don't see what the big deal about a hero getting his butt whupped by a dark lord is around these parts. That's what makes Luke's eventual victory even better. Vader is redeemed and Yoda's final student gets the best of the guy who wronged his master! Simple enough... no?
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