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    Silver Clone Trooper Story!

    The closest TRU to me is in Harrisonburg, VA. I drove there this morning to get my Silver Clone Trooper. An employee was hanging the signs when I reached the SW isle. I picked out some items to make two purchases so I could get a couple of the figures. When I got to the checkout, the cashier didn't know what I was talking about. He got the manager, who told me they didn't receive any of the figures and there was nothing in the computer to say they would get them. I got him to call Charlottesville (the next closest TRU) and they had one left. The manager at that store said they would put my name on it if I wanted it, so my son and I headed for Charlottesville. On the way, I couldn't imagine they had given away all these figures and only been open an hour! When I arrived, the girl at the service desk didn't know what I was talking about. She called the manager and the manager had my figure. I had my items to make my purchase and checked out at the service desk. When the girl at the service desk rang up my figure, she said "Oh, I saw these earlier this morning. I checked out a guy that bought like 30 of them". She caught me off guard and I was speechless. I told her they are not supposed to be sold, they are supposed to be free with a purchase. The manager over heard the conversation and told her what they were for. I thought, by then it was a little to late. Are employees not briefed on sales and specials like this at the stores? I couldn't believe somebody got away with 30 of these things!!

    Anyway, good luck to everyone else!
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    Re: Silver Clone Trooper Story!

    Sorry to hear that. The sad thing is, it's typical. Tru isn't up on things like they should be. It's sad that we know more about their company than they do.
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    Re: Silver Clone Trooper Story!

    Yeah, I've got a hum dinger myself.

    I stopped by TRU today and found about a dozen of these silver clones sitting on the pegs marked $4.99! Upon further inspection, I discovered all the bubbles had been crushed!

    I walked to the customer Service desk and asked the.....lady....working there if they had any more of the silver clones, some that weren't crushed? She got this blank distant look on her face and said "" and I finished the sentence for her "is all we have."! Then I gave her an incredulous look and left.

    Off to TRU #2 (my only other shot at this thing). I hit the store and there they were, hanging on the pegs and yet again marked $4.99! I also noticed that they had a few Unleashed Clone Troopers. I grabed the Unleashed and started thumbing thru the Silver Clones, yet again all the bubbles were badly crushed! I did manage to find a lone Silver Clone Trooper in good condition (good just barely meeting my standards). I grabbed 2 Silver Clones and the Unleashed Clone and headed to the check out.

    When I got there I asked the cashier if she knew anything about the promotion. Clueless, she at least was nice enough to walkie talkie the manager, who said that they will be free tomorrow! So I looked at the poor woman and said "Let me get this straight, these are a free promotion starting tomorrow, but you are selling them today." She shrugged and gave me the blank stare. I told here I only wanted to buy the good condition Clone and the Unleashed Clone.

    Now for the follow up, these are supposed to be free, and I will get mine for free, as soon as I return it tomorrow and get my money back I will promptly turn around and buy it and get the Silver Clone for free!

    Overall, I am not surprised, TRU fubared the Silver R2 and now they have fubared the Silver Clone. To make thing worse, they pulled the Red Leader X-Wing that many people had planned on buying in order to get the Silver Clone. Oh, but we will be able to buy it soon after the fubared promotion.

    Anyone else wanna kill their TRU managers?!?!
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    Re: Silver Clone Trooper Story!

    For some reason, these have been appearing at some TRUs for $5. It probably isn't an error, as the website also had them. You could buy them today, but you don't get them free until tomorrow anyway. I think there is an ad in the paper tomorrow, and probably at the stores, so just show it to them if they don't know what you're talking about.

    With the R2-D2 in 2002, I bought the Landspeeder and my mom and I took it to the checkout. We asked about the R2-D2, and he said there were people waiting for them and they sold out quickly. We were like, "What?" So we went to the customer service and they had at least one full box of them. I got one, but I guess they don't know what the hell they're doing with some of their stuff.
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    Re: Silver Clone Trooper Story!

    How about this one.....

    I was a little irked that I couldnt order it online the other night and get free shipping. Now they are sold out. And today I just remembered that I have a 5 dollar gift card in my wallet that could have been used.
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    Re: Silver Clone Trooper Story!

    How 'bout this?

    In one hour this moron owes over a hundred bucks for a figure that's free tomorrow!

    "AFA" graded....Wow!...................shut up.

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    Re: Silver Clone Trooper Story!

    Quote Originally Posted by Emperor Howdy
    How 'bout this?

    In one hour this moron owes over a hundred bucks for a figure that's free tomorrow!

    "AFA" graded....Wow!...................shut up.

    Censorship is the antichrist

    True. But, at the right time and at the right store, I could have bought 3 today for the price it will cost me to get one "free" tomorrow. It just doesn't make since!

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    Re: Silver Clone Trooper Story!

    I don't think these figures are meant to be free. They can be free tomorrow, if you buy your money worth. But, I think that you can buy them today, or tomorrow if you don't want to pay for other Star Wars stuff.

    TRU in Aurora, IL had about forty of them and ALL were smashed bubbles! What's going on with this? can anyone look into this and see what the deal is?

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    Re: Silver Clone Trooper Story!

    This seems to be the norm with most employees at TRU. Shouldn't management be updating their staff on what's going on or maybe a frickin' memo.

    I went ahead and ordered mine the other night from Amazon when there was free shipping. Screw driving around looking for one at TRU, especially when I doubt they'll have anything I want. Anyone remember the spend $15 and get a free SW figure. The nice little ad featured Ozzel, Dengar, Bossk & Unleashed X-Wing Luke. I don't even think there was a TRU to be found that had a figure on the pegs worth having for free.

    I'm surprised that TRU has managed to stay open all these years with their subpar performance and customer service.
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    Re: Silver Clone Trooper Story!

    This is fairly par for the course for TRU. Last year I stopped by 3 different TRU's regarding the silver R2 promotion. None of them had any employees that knew about the promotion. I had to speak directly to the manager to get my free figures.

    When I first heard last year about the silver clone trooper promotion, I wrote a letter to TRU corporate HQ. I informed them what happened to me during the silver R2 give away, and asked them to please do a better job educating their employees about this one. Seems the managers aren't very good at sharing info to the worker bees. I bet in almost all instances, any silver clones that made it to the floor prior to tomorrow were due to employees just putting out whatever came in with the shipment. Either management didn't tell them about it or the employees just didn't care.
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