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    Dremel vs Minicraft

    Okay, I got my wish granted and recieved a hobbyists power tool for xmas. I wanted a dremel but got a Minicraft version instead. It's basically the same tool but made by someone else obviously. I think it actually is the original hobbyists power tool range but I could be mistaken.

    The point of this is to ask if you guys in the States have this make of tools and how it compares to Dremel performance wise.

    Mine came with the mains adaptor with variable speed control and various attachments and bits etc.

    I haven't used mine yet as I don't have a project that requires it. Any tips on using a dremel type tool?

    What's the best attachment type for hollowing out heads for instance?

    What's the best place to visit to look at tips and tricks?

    Help is very much required and appreciated.

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    I use a small drill bit to start and finish off with a cone shaped stone bit.You have to be very careful that you go slow to keep it from melting. As in all things just try and see what works best for you.

    The tool you are talking about seems to be a good one. I don't know to much about it,but it seems to work the same as the Dremel.If it has the same works it shouldn't matter what name is on it.

    I don't think I gave to much help here,sorry.I guess the only thing you can do is check out cust. sites.You can get a lot of info from them.Try
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