Okay, I am going to do some dioramas from each of the 3 original Star Wars movies. One big one from each and one little one. I know what I am gonna do for big ones:

ANH - Either Mos Eisely or Cantina
ESB - Carbon Freeze
ROJ - Jabba's throne room

But I am a little lost as to what I should do for smaller scenes...what are some of the scenes that you guys are doing?

Here are some that I have thought of:

Hanger with Millenium Falcon
Luke surrendering to Vader with the AT-AT at the window
Luke fighting Vader on Dogobah
Bounty Hunters talking to Vader
Han being tortured on CC
Yavin 4 pilots

I am trying to stay away from Endor because of the lack of Ewoks and other figures.

Thanks for the help...and sorry if something like this has been posted before. I am new to this particular forum and I don't have the time to surf thru days and days fo past ones...look at this as a fresh start ...hahahahah