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    What is the best figure based on each character in your opinion?

    I was just looking at my Princess Leia figure and decided to comment on this.

    Best figures of each character:

    Princess Leia (Senator) - The Leia Collection white dress one outdoes them all in my opinion. The ALL-CLOTH looks great. Too bad she wasn't really articulated (maybe at the waist and elbows - then she'd have been perfect!)

    Princess Leia Ceremony - The Leia Collection wins again. The hard sculpt on this figure came out just awful!

    Princess Leia Hoth - the original carded version is about all we have to choose from. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they got Leia's smaller size down right by using the Bespin Escape body in the TRU 4-pack, right?

    Princess Leia Bespin - the new one looks to be really good. The Leia Collection one will do for my collection though. It's a pretty good figure!

    Princess Leia Bespin Escape - a great figure. Fine the way it is. POTJ was a superior collection.

    Princess Leia Recovery Room - Gotcha! They really need to make this figure of her from the end of ESB.

    Princess Leia Boussh Disguise - a great figure. Really only articulation improvements would help it. For an early figure, she holds her own in the modern collection.

    Princess Leia Slave - I like the all-plastic version. Certainly the cloth one was useful for lying down by Jabba scenes, but she wasn't really articulated to do that well (though the sailbarge cannon was a great accessory that helped make up for that). Now all they need is to make the sailbarge! But the plastic figure is one of the all-time best, and a classic memory for the modern collection.

    Princess Leia General - this figure really needs to be redone. They had to have that wide-hip lower torso molded for the speederbike figure, but it really looks awful on a regular sculpt. And was she really a "general?" Why? She was a Princess and a Senator, so that would make her outrank a general anyway. I think Hasbro just got carried away with promoting her action figure.

    Princess Leia Endor Poncho - this figure should be redone with the softgoods and a clip-over belt with working holster and blaster. A removeable helmet and the correct hairstyle (different from ESB) should complete Princess Leia. It's still sad that the 1983 figure was better. But this "ultimate ROTJ Leia" figure could replace the general and Endor figures (from the coin and speederbike sets).

    Princess Leia Ewok Princess - the plastic one came out better than the Leia Collection one. Aside from being too tall, it's a good figure and I can't falt it. I like the fact that they finally made this Leia figure and her hair was down. A good sculpt.

    Princess Leia Dark Empire - the EU needs more attention - mostly characters that are new but crucial to the comics and books, but the core characters could be redone. Leia as Chief of State and as a SELCOR relief worker would be two of the best candidates, but Leia as a Jedi Apprentice from Dark Empire actually turned out to be better than many of her mainstream movie figures, and I was glad they made this version of the Princess.

    Anyway, if you guys want to comment on Leia figures, go for it. We'll talk about another character when the thread starts to die.

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    Re: What is the best figure based on each character in your opinion?

    Far and away, the best Leia figure is Bespin Escape from POTJ. It's the best likeness for outfit and face, plus it's an action Leia. Leia as Boushh has the best costume, even for a figure that's 8 years old, but the face is not good.

    I think you're wrong about Bespin Escape Leia being in that TRU 4pack, when I looked at 'em, they had regular single-carded Leia or the version that was in the Mynock Hunt pack, I don't remember as they're almost identical figures.

    The only Leia figs I want from here on in are high-quality updates on the following: Leia Boushh, Leia Endor General, and most especially, a decent Leia ANH because that figure has NEVER had an accurate face or decent articulation.
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    Re: What is the best figure based on each character in your opinion?

    I had a thread a lot like this in the Saga section a year or two ago, just so you know.

    Anyway, as far as Leia, the new vintage one looks pretty good to me, but it has a bad face that looks like a baby doll. I don't have any of the Leia collection figures, so the only good ANH version of her to me so far is the All-New Likeness (the one that keeps being recarded).

    For ESB, I like the Bespin Escape version; it's one of the few that's in scale.

    For ROTJ, I like the Jabba's Slave version (I don't have the deluxe), it's pretty well done.
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    Re: What is the best figure based on each character in your opinion?

    For best Leia, it looks like the upcomming Bespin version will take the cake for me. However for the time being I would have to with Bespin Escape Leia and Deluxe Jabba's Sail Barge Leia. I think both of those were nailed down pretty tight and I can't imagine improving on them at all. I would like to give an honorable mention to Leia Bouschh who I think was pretty darn good considering when she came out.

    The only Leias I think still need to be made are an update to Leia Bousch and an Endor Leia with removable cloth poncho and helmet.

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    Don't collect Leia figures.

    But love the idea of the thread Tycho. I certainly have some views on Darth Vader so I look forward to discussing Vader and other characters.

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    Re: What is the best figure based on each character in your opinion?

    I think it's safe to assume we're going to hear a lot of similar comments about Princess Leia figures.

    Most people should agree that "the ultimate" Princess Leia Endor Gear is the figure most desired for a complete update.

    Others wanting to chime in on whether they'd like a Princess Leia (end of ESB) Recovery Room figure or those with very divergent views should add their comments in.

    Now we'll talk about.......Han Solo.

    Han Solo - "Original Flavor" - the best Han in this regards was the Cantina CommTech Han, recently recarded. However, I think the S.A. Vintage Carded Han will blow even that figure away. In any case, Han did not need an update, but it was nice they improved him even further for this new card style change.

    Han Solo Stormtrooper Disguise - I'm a sucker for the Original Fruit Loops mail-away. Its lack of a blaster didn't go over well, but the pose was cool. Obviously a super-articulated Han Trooper figure would go a long ways now. The last Han Stormtrooper was released in 1997 in the Cinema Scene 3-pack. It's ok by me if they update this figure, but I won't be buying one even though they're sure to make it better. But this Han won't pegwarm!

    Han Solo Death Star Escape - We really only got 1 figure of Han made this way. I think the solution to improving the figure would be to take the Vintage Carded SA Han and change the belt or add one. It's really just barely a new figure, but about 2 years down the road if they need to have another Han on the pegs for the newbies, an update here would be OK by me - but again, I'm not a taker.

    Han Solo Ceremony - never been done, but does it need to be? Why not hang one of Dodonna's medals on the SA Han and be done with it? Do we really need that shirt collar buttoned up? I'd say do it if they re-use the body mold and come up with a Lando from the end of ESB when he finds a change of clothes on the Falcon (obviously Han's best dress shirt - not that he owned many). This figure need not be made for a long time if I had my way - at least not if other "black vest Han figures" are being made - so make the Lando first.

    Han Solo Hoth Gear - the Saga figure was the ultimate. The legs were wide-stanced again, but the figure, the accessories, the detail, all work. Nice job! I didn't need a new Han Hoth for my scenes, but Hasbro made this one so good I bought it and a belly-slit TaunTaun set just to do that scene.

    Han Solo Bespin Gear - the POTJ figure improved on a pretty good POTF2 figure. As opposed to doing a black vest Han, if an update is needed, here would be a better place to go than back-to-back-in-black.

    Han Solo Torture Chamber - this figure has never been done, but given Hasbro's capacity to make figures screaming (see Mace Arena Battle), a nice Deluxe Set with the torture chair could be a pretty different and cool piece. You could display Vader, some troopers, Lando, Lobot, and Boba Fett around it.

    Han Solo Carbonite - no figure to date really does this concept justice. The vintage had a really cool take in how you could see your figure inside the carbonite block! Newer sculpts came out to just have clip-in Han figures for the modern collection. The head sculpt on the unfreezing one is kind of cool, but here's what I propose: a Deluxe Han with 9 pieces (plus) - the figure with 2 heads you can change - pre-freezing, and wet hair post unfrozen! Next, the carbonite back block - with the impressions left by the unfrozen Han in it (like the Jabba's Palace one), a see-through holder (like the vintage one that lets you see your figure) which clips over the back to hold your figure inside, and finally, a top-cover mold which is solid and displays the authentic carbonite block Boba Fett transported to Jabba the Hutt. The Han figure would be super-articulated with interchangeable hands so that he can grip a blaster or punch a Weequay, or instead, have his figures out in panic as he's fitted perfectly into the carbonite block, posed exactly like the outer mold! His arm-binders, a force-pike, and a Jabba-thug blaster should also be included with the accessories. So there is One Han body, Two Han Heads, 4 Han arms, a blaster, force-pike, arm binders, and 3 pieces to a carbonite coffin all included. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE THE ULTIMATE HAN CARBONITE and I'd be all over it if it was done!

    Han Endor Gear - a cloth duster that's well-sewn and easily removeable put over a good articulated Han with the brown pants (and reissue the same figure with blue pants-gold stripes for those who'd argue it was the other color) would basically do it. The Saga figure was way too preposed and the action feature didn't help it (though the detonators should continue as an accessory, as might an Ewok cooking skewer, plus Han's signature blaster). The AT-ST Helmet with goggles and commlink might also help, as it's debatable that Han donned the full uniform anyway.

    Han AT-ST Driver - doesn't need to be redone. I'll pass on the Saga figure because I didn't want to do this scene, and don't think Han wore the uniform. I'm glad it's out there for the kids and those with imagination - or additionally, for those who want to army-build and need AT-ST Drivers (who with the goggles on, are unrecognizeable anyway).

    Han Expanded Universe - there are several interesting candidates, but none that would warrant great sales. First would be the New Jedi Order Han, where post-Chewie's death, Han donned all black (including a leather-like jacket, and dark charcoal shirt - cover of "Heroe's Trial." A Young Han Solo figure, with shorter hair, and an "Indy-style" brown leather jacket from "The Paradise Snare" would be a cool figure, but probably not a wide-seller. Maybe slightly better, would be a short-haired, young Han Solo (age 22-23) in an Imperial Officer Uniform, complete with cap. Finally, an orange environmental suit Han, from the Spice Mines of Kessel to the Ecological Disaster During the Duro Invasion scenes, could be a bright and interesting take on Han Solo for some extra adventures (courtesy of "Jedi Search" and "Balance Point.") The key question is "should Han Solo figures continue?" and "at what point is the next black vest more than enough?"

    Really good potential Hans include:

    Bespin Torture
    Carbonite Ultra-Deluxe
    Ultimate Endor

    Is this enough or would EU Hans be OK?
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    Re: What is the best figure based on each character in your opinion?

    For now, I think they need to chill on the Han's unless it is a brand new one. A Han on torture rack would be sweet. So far to date my favorite Han is probably the mail away stormy version. Ihave always wanted that one and we finally got it. Yeah the lackof a blaster sucked, but hey, we cant have our cake and eat it too.

    Funny thing, I got it off of Ebay about 8 months ago(real good deal on 3 mail aways and 2 carded figs, like 18 including shipping) I thought they shorted me a blaster or it got lost. But it turns out they never packed one in. Its OK Ihave plenty of Stormtrooper guns frommy vintage collection.
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    Re: What is the best figure based on each character in your opinion?

    Trymybestus wanted to discuss Darth Vader figures, so I figure "let's have at it!"

    Can Vader really be done any more? I'll try and figure that out while I type. Meanwhile, does the character always sell? Yes. For the history of the character, Vader's never pegwarmed.

    So how about diverse Vader's from his specific scenes? It works less for me, save for several.

    Vader - basic. I think the Flashback Vader was a great sculpt and could hold his lightsaber with two hands and pretty much gave me what I wanted in a Darth Vader figure (the first '95 figure's cape was sort of preposed, though the same figure with the SOTE 2-pack's cloak looked better). A clip-on lightsaber hilt would always be nice though. I never got the Masters of the Dark Side Vader. Didn't need another of either character, so I didn't seek it out. Maybe somebody can tell me if the HOF Vader is the same one, and if it's cloth or solid on the cloaks. Perhaps then the HOF Vader is the best basic Vader. I'll leave that up to you.

    Vader TIE Pilot - I think the Complete Galaxy Vader with cloth cloaks probably makes the ideal TIE Pilot. I never bought that set, but also noticed I can barely see my Vader in his TIE fighter, so it made little sense to buy a large set I don't need, just to get that figure. However, a cloth cloak figure is definitely the way to play with vehicles. If the HOF Vader fits (and is cloth) then perhaps he's still the way to go. Anyone put the HOF in his TIE?

    Vader Meditation Chamber - the Complete Galaxy sets up the best version of this so far, with the outer helmet being removeable, showing the scarred back of Anakin's head. I think the figure would be fine being re-released in a better "ultra" meditation chamber set up. Perhaps with a large bust-size sculpt of the Emperor's Hologram!

    Darth Vader Dagobah! - What an awesome figure. A good candidate for a re-release, they could've painted Luke's face more carefully in most cases that I've seen, and perhaps tanned him a bit more instead of made him ghostly white. He was not paled compared to Mark Hamill in the movie. But in general, this figure is awesome! What a milestone in figure technology.

    Darth Vader Bespin Blast - the unreleased Vader that blocks Han's blaster shots with a blaster deflection prop. I suppose it's ok as long as Vader never pegwarms. I don't need this one specifically, though I am making that scene and might swap out the Vader I already have to be replaced by this one if it looks that good. It's nothing I'd get really excited about though.

    Darth Vader Bespin Duel - other than a weather monitoring station prop and a preposed cloak, the outstretched hand could have been done on for a Vader using the Force, or reaching out to his son. It's a good figure and a cool way to re-release the Vader character, so I won't knock it. I bought this saga figure and saved it in hopes I'd have use for it amongst my Episode 3 toys. There doesn't appear to be any shoulder wound, nor was there really any that visible in the movie. Can anyone tell if Luke's saber even made a mark?

    Darth Vader Removeable Helmet - the latest thrown room duel figure pretty much sucked. The POTF2 figure remains one of the best figures in the whole collection, let alone just amongst Vaders. A two-piece face mask and outer helmet set would be about th only way to improve this figure, beyond painting the frayed wires on the removeable hand. Perhaps a cloth-cloaked one for his lying down death scene might work, but that's about all you could do. However, like the 300th Fett, this would make an awesome ultimate Vader figure! I'd buy.

    Darth Vader Funeral Pyre - hmmm. Best done as a Screen Scene with a not-too poseable Vader, fake fire like in the Mace Windu Unleashed set, the wood pile, and a Death Star II Luke Jedi figure, definitely SA with lightsaber hilt to clip on. No reason to skimp on Luke, since the Vader would really be nothing more than a prop. But I'd really like this set as it symbolizes the end of an era, the end of an epic, more than any other scene in the OT. Bring this one on!

    In short, Vader could come back to the racks as:

    Meditation Chamber Ultra
    Bespin Blast
    Removeable Helmet Utimate Edition
    Funeral Pyre

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    Thumbs up

    Darth Vader - I think Hasbro will continue to churn out figures of him because he's just so popular and iconic.

    I am still waiting for a definitive Darth Vader.

    HOF Darth Vader: The Hall of Fame Vader is the Masters of the Dark Side one with soft goods cloak. It's a damn good figure. It's got an accurate helmet sculpt but the paint job on mine is a little off on the helmet. Dang little white specks of paint. When the cloak is wrapped around him, it looks surprisingly good. It's not bulky like the Obi-Wan Starfighter figure. I'm just not a big fan of soft goods though because they will fray over time. Mine already has.
    I think you need, need, need, NEED to get this one Tycho. Seriously, it's one of the best Vaders yet. I could imagine this Vader holding back a Leia figure standing next to Tarkin as he orders Alderaan to be destroyed. And we know you love to create dioramas.

    Darth Vader TIE Pilot: Never saw the Vader TIE Pilot but that is a damn good idea for a figure which I honestly never thought of before. I certainly think a Vader TIE Pilot figure should be carded. It'd be Vader and it'd also be something new.

    Darth Vader Dagobah: LOVE this figure. When I got it, I remember being so excited because it was the most accurate Vader yet. It's kinda cool that it's kinda transparent ish but also, the sculpt is so damn good that I'd love it to be repainted normally. I mean, they did repaint the Darth Vader Emperors Wrath figure for some Multi-pack? I gotta agree though, this figure is awesome and should be re-released for those that never got it.

    Darth Vader Bespin Duel: This is my favorite Darth Vader yet. For me, it's the best Vader sculpt that Hasbro has ever made. Just look at the figure, look at the detail on the helmet. Look at the detail on his chest. He's just an awesome figure. I'm not one that plays with them so the action feature doesn't bother me too much. He's kinda pre-posed but not too much. The cape blowing is a little silly but then again, his cape was blowing like crazy in that scene.
    The helmet is kinda hard to explain. If you compare this figure with the Vader from the Cinema Scene you'll see what I mean. Look at the back of the helmet at the bottom. On the Bespin Duel figure, it's more accurate because just the helmet piece looks to be separate from the back of the neck whereas on older Vaders, it was just one piece which always bugged me for some reason.
    The new OTC Vader looks like it may, just may eclipse Bespin Duel Vader but Bespin Duel will always be my favorite because of the lack of soft goods.

    Darth Vader Throne Room Duel: For me, this figure was a HUGE let down. After seeing the beautiful scupt on Bespin Duel, I felt like soon, Hasbro would give us the definitive Return of the Jedi Vader. Hasbro took a major step back. Just compare Throne Room duel with Bespin Duel. Look at the helmet on Throne Room Duel. It's not nearly as Detailed as Bespin Duel. I think this figure did have the potential to be the best Vader yet. If only they could have kept the detail up to the standard of Bespin Duel, it probably would have been the best Vader yet.

    Darth Vader Funeral Pyre: That'd be a damn good idea. Would Hasbro really make it or would it be seen as too Morbid? I believe Hasbro should make it for the collectors. Make it an exclusive. (but one that's possible to get).

    What about a Prequel Darth Vader? Removeable helmet version revealing Hayden Christensen? I guess we'll have to see Episode III to see if Vaders costume has changed at all. I hope it hasn't but I won't be surprised to see a few minor changes.

    And the next character is?

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    Re: What is the best figure based on each character in your opinion?

    I hope the next Character is Luke.
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