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  • Yes, planning for all 4 days

    153 46.22%
  • Yes, but not all 4 days

    62 18.73%
  • Possibly, but not yet sure

    51 15.41%
  • No, definitely not going

    65 19.64%
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    Are You Planning to Attend Star Wars Celebration 3?

    Celebration 3 is still a year away, but has already been extended to 4 days long as the largest Star Wars convention returns to Indianapolis April 21st through 25th, 2005. This gathering should prove to be quite impressive and exciting as it is being held only 3 weeks before the release of what might possibly be the last Star Wars movie ever. Already some forumites are making their plans for the SW Celebration in this thread, and SirSteve himself is trying to put together an SSG Forums Party during the convention.

    So the question is, who here is planning to attend? How many folks are looking a year forward to this? Cast your vote now!

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    Re: Are You Planning to Attend Star Wars Celebration 3?

    I don't know where i'll be school wise (graduated or not) but God willing, i'll be able to attend the whole fiasco as i've been wanting to for quite some time!

    Hopefully i can attend and with a large group of SSG forumites, get some autographs, meet some folks, get some toys and then hit the bars hardcore!!
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    Re: Are You Planning to Attend Star Wars Celebration 3?

    With a vengance. And word has it that Kidhuman will be the exclusive figure next year.
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    Re: Are You Planning to Attend Star Wars Celebration 3?

    No way. Celebration II was the biggest CF I've ever had the displeasure to be a part of.
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    Re: Are You Planning to Attend Star Wars Celebration 3?

    Hopefully the lines for the KH fig will be shorted then the ones for Jorj .

    Too bad there wasn't an option for 'Hell Yeah!', 'cause Hell Yes! I am going!
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    Re: Are You Planning to Attend Star Wars Celebration 3?

    That's a big blue bold HELL YEAH!

    A buddy of mine wants to go . . . ok, I'm dragging him along, but he is a SW fan at heart . . . he just doesn't know it . Might this be the one and only time we get to see the elusive Jar Jar Binks!?!?!

    I'm bringing my DigiCamera with the 300pic memory card !
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    Re: Are You Planning to Attend Star Wars Celebration 3?

    I plan on attending, but since it is a not a definite, I would classify myself as 'not sure.' There would be no greater thrill for me then going to one of these Star Wars jaunts, especially one as big as Celebration III. However careerwise, I have no idea where I will be at this time next year, whether full-time employed, part-time or even back to school. If it is anyone of the latter two, I would be disappointed, but I'd go in a heartbeat. I will definitely know by the end of the summer and hope to join some fellow forumites in meeting there.
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    Re: Are You Planning to Attend Star Wars Celebration 3?

    I will be at celebration IV...
    if there is one.

    I'm not going, as it seems like it is now time for me to go into hiding.

    I can't imagine it could be anything close to spoiler free, .
    In fact... I may not be coming back here at all, until a year from May

    May the force be with you all

    And after this is all over, I can't wait to hit these types of conventions.

    Untill then... I'll be hiding out in the Dune Sea, with my hands over my ears and my hood over my eyes.

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    Re: Are You Planning to Attend Star Wars Celebration 3?

    I'm making hotel reservations real soon!

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    Re: Are You Planning to Attend Star Wars Celebration 3?

    I'd love to go, but it will not be possible with my work schedule and vacation plans already in the works. The only convention experience I've had is at the Halloween Chiller in NJ and I had a good time at that. Who knows...if I come into some money , I'll go for the whole 4 days.


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