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    Wow, this is weird....

    ok, so i have a Obi Wan Kenobi orange card micro saber. the saber is 60mm. Its on a french card, (i think) It has "The Power of the Force" under the silver lettered STAR WARS, and under that it says "Le Pouvoir de la Force" its not Tri- logo. And under the english where it states his accesories it says..."avec sabre lumineux et cape amovible!" Im pretty sure its French. This is weird cuz it doesnt have 3 languages like tri logos have. It just has 2. Is this a real figure, or what?? Did France sell SW figs too, but not in tri-logo? And here is another weird thing. The card has no cut out where Vaders head is. its square. and therers no cut out below his head. If you dont get what im saying, its a square card with no cut outs except for the J hook. It does have a date stamp under the bubble...its very faint but it starts with 090...or 093...i cant really make it out, but there is a date stamp. the ASSt. # is 69576/69570. thats in the top right corner of the card. Besides that everything on the front of the card looks normal, not tampered with at all. the back has the bio in english and french and his stats in english and french. is has no .00 on the back but there is a KENNER trade mark and proof of purchse and everything. looks like a normal figure and everything, but is it??? if you need any other info just ask and i will tell. thanks for the help!!!

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    Re: Wow, this is weird....

    Possibly Canadian? They have 2 official languages, English and French.
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    Re: Wow, this is weird....

    It is a Canadian square card. The first nine figures were released like that in Canada. There are also a couple of variations along with the errors, like your micro saber. Here are the variations: ***errors
    Luke Skywalker Tatooine OC LS
    OC SS
    OC SSS 70 mm ***
    OC SS unpainted belt buckle ***
    Darth Vader OC LS
    OC SS
    OC SS slanted bubble
    C-3PO OC
    OC slanted bubble
    R2-D2 OC
    OC hologram slanted bubble
    Stormtrooper OC no tape
    OC both taped
    OC both taped slanted bubble
    Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi OC LS
    OC SS
    OC SSS 67 mm ***
    OC no saber ***
    Han Solo OC
    Chewbaca OC
    OC slanted bubble
    Princess Leia Organa OC 3 bands on belt
    OC tied 3 bands on belt slanted bubble
    OC 2 bands on belt
    OC tied 2 bands on belt slanted bubble

    Supposedly a Ben SS slanted bubble exists, but I have never seen one!!!


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