These new Victoria's Secret ads are just. . . wrong. In the land of inappropriate, this dwarfs the use of Johnny Cash's "I've Been Everywhere" in lame ads the week following his death.

If you ain't seen 'em, scantilly-clad models cavort (no complaints thus far ) to the tune of "Lovesick," one of my all-time favorite Dylan songs (getting a bit weird, but still acceptable). But then Bob himself shows up, not singing, but just standing there! And with the he's been sporting since Love and Theft almost three years ago, this 60-something dude looks like a plain old sleazy pervert!

I'm going to have nightmares about this!

To top this off, the store's going to be carrying an exclusive CD of Dylan songs. Old stuff? New stuff? I have no idea. The firewalls here prevent me from checking out the website, and apparently the news media doesn't have or doesn't wish to share the particulars. If anyone knows or can find out easily, please post a track list here. If it's exclusive stuff, I will put on the cruddiest dirty clothes I can find, borrow a Red Man baseball cap, and strut in there to loudly ask in an exaggerated Southern accent, "Yeah, I's here for that there Bob Dylan CD thingy! Ooh, and can I try on one of them thar edible numbers?"

Well, unless it's new songs along the lines of "The Bras They Are A-Changing."