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Now, my hope is that Hasbro manages to make some good OT characters for the less expensive line.

I still plan to collect the 6 inch Black Series. Yes, there are issues and the line is far from perfect, but my hope is that if enough people support the line it will improve over time.

Also, I will probably pick up OT characters from the 3.75 inch line, especially army builders.
SDCC revealed that there are several OT figures coming in Saga Legends and Mission Series. Boba Fett, Stormtrooper, and Jedi Knight Luke are coming as single figures, and the two-packs will include Han and Chewie and C-3PO and R2-D2. I think the stormtrooper could make good diorama background fodder.

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I only looked at the battle droid/clone trooper pack, but they looked taller and skinnier, almost as if pulled in the mold slightly. However, I did recently have eye surgery so it might just be an optical illusion. The clone did look taller than the shock trooper from the legends line, but the huge difference in the packaging size could have made it an illusion as well. The legend packaging looks like the second tier store packaging you see at Big Lots or Dollar Stores.
The Battle Droid is based on the version we've seen many, many times since it was first released in the 2002 C-3PO deluxe set. It's always been on the tall side, especially compared to the TVC version. I haven't seen any SL or MS figures but I'm hoping to soon - the lower-articulated battle pack figures from last year were basically the same height as their super-articulated counterparts, aside from the hulking Boba.