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    Yarael Poof?

    Is Yarael Poof really dead? Is it possible that they killed him off to early? If Poof is dead than who is the mysterious character in the newest Clone war comic.

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    Re: Yarael Poof?

    Yeah, I think he's dead. Aurra Sing did it in a comic, I think.
    Not sure who the new guy is.
    Probably just the same species.
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    Re: Yarael Poof?

    I am sorry to say this but Aura Sing din'y kill him. Is was one of the lizard race guys. Is Poof in Aurroa Sing comic?

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    Poof's Death

    Is it in the Zam Wesell Comic or Auroa Sing I can't seem to find it. I believe it is in Zam Wesell.

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    Re: Poof's Death

    Yareal takes a knife to the gut thwarting a terrorist attempt to blow up some sort of "Force-bomb" that would've killed most of the inhabitants of Coruscant. It's in the Zam Wessel comic book from early 2002.

    Haven't we gone over this before?
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