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    The stupid comments by YouTube users questioning the science of the commercial are even funnier, and the commercial itself is frigging great!

    In that case, how the hell was he even born?

    It is only logical that he caught this disease (by eating some bad skittles) after being born and impregnating his wife.
    One question: If he cant hold his new born baby boy because he'll turn him to skittles, then how the hell did he get his wife pregnant without touching her? I think some one is being unfaithful...
    wouldn't you expect him to be kinda smelly, or nude or something, 'cause if everything he touches turns to skittles, then he wouldn't be able to clean himself, or get dressed
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    Or pull his chair in under that desk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar View Post
    Or pull his chair in under that desk.
    He scoots.
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    I can't believe people are analyzing the commercial like it's a friggin episode of "Lost".
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    I wasn't analyzing, I just thought it was dumb.

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    I caught the new BK commercial for their $1 Spicy Chicken sandwich, the one with the kickin' chicken (as opposing to the flippin' one ). At first, I thought it was another "again! " Bud Light ad. I loved his "aaaahhhhhhhhhh..." at the end. Commerical, you are ready.
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    It's hella stupid, but this one makes me laugh.

    I didn't realize it was a whole series until I just looked that one up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    It's hella stupid, but this one makes me laugh.

    I didn't realize it was a whole series until I just looked that one up.
    The car makes it work. Part 2 didn't hold me for 15 seconds though, that's when I dropped out.
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    I dont know about anyone else, but the damn World of Warcraft commercial with Mr T. has me peeing myself.
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    Yeah, that's a good one. The Shatner one isn't nearly as funny, but Mr T going off about Mohawk being a character class makes me pee in my pants every time.
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