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    After watching the initial episode, I have to wonder: who decided which Survivor was a beauty, brain and brawn? I think the producers are a little off on some of their choices. But other than that, I think it's going to be a good season.

    As for the first person voted off, I think it was a toss up for Darnell or Blondie. Darnell did screw up at the immunity challenge by losing the swim mask, but Blondie couldn't help with the challenge, and she's not much help at camp.

    Brown trout! Brown trout!! Too funny. Someone should've told Darnell do a little further away from camp to take a dump.

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    Oh, Liz. Debbie may be nutty, but she was dead-on right: you were a prima donna. Loved the shocked look on your and Peter's faces at tribal council.

    Debbie is nuts, but daggonit, she's entertaining! Keep her around for a bit.

    Next week looks good with the medical emergency.

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    Most. Intense. Challenge. Ever.

    Wow, three medicals in one challenge. I had high hopes for Caleb, thought he'd go far in the game. I really hope the producers let him come back in a future season.

    What can you say about Alecia? We discussed this at home last night. Her tribe mates may have been a little harsh on her, but she didn't help her situation. Maybe her immaturity played a factor.

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    That was insane!! Felt back for Caleb, not so much for Alecia, no idea why she was on the brawn tribe. I did catch Jeff mentioning she was on it because she stood up to people I think? Or didn't take any lip? Didn't matter in the end.
    You'll be sorry, Pee-Wee Herman!

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    Wow, two medical evacs in one season.

    I know Aubrey really wanted Neal's hidden immunity idol, but when would he had the opportunity to pass it on to her?

    Nick has been a little arrogant. Now Jason and Scott better watch themselves or they will be next on the jury.

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    Was that the craziest tribal council ever? Wow!

    I will miss Debbie. She's a free spirit, a little tightly wound but fun to watch.

    I have to disagree with the guys' reaction to the previous tribal. Hiding the axe and machete were a little juvenile. And dumping water on the fire? Scott, what were you thinking, or were you thinking? You placed an even bigger target on your back.

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    Just when you think tribal council can't get does!!!

    Scott and Jason are getting more than a little big-headed in the tribe. Jason's revenge will be interesting.

    Tai's placed himself in a spot. He might think it was a strategic move, but can anyone really trust him?

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    Julia's double- and triple-crossing caught up with her.

    Who should win at this point? Aubrey has played a good game, done a lot of behind the scenes maneuvering.

    Still shocked that Joe is still there, but he's not a threat, just a vote at this point.

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    I wouldn't want to be in camp after that tribal council. Too much talk at tribal about who has what and who said this and that.


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