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    a star tours question

    hey. I have never collected the star tours. But I had to ask. are any of the star tours action figures actually characters from the OT movies, or are they just droids of disneys design.
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    Re: a star tours question

    These figures are strictly from the ride itself. Of the nine figures released, I don't believe any of them are from the OT.
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    Re: a star tours question

    I thought R5-D4 was.
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    Re: a star tours question

    The figure is R5-D2, which is a different design than R5-D4 (similar tho').

    No, none of the new designs have been in the films that I know of.
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    Re: a star tours question

    I always thought that repackaging C-3PO (perhaps the Millenium Coin version) and R2-D2 (maybe the POTJ one) in Star Tours packaging would have been a no-brainer. But then Hasbro includes them in the HOF assortment. They should still be packaged for Star Tours; after all, they are the most recognizable droids in the ride.


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