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    Picture of OTC Y-wing

    [font=Arial]A touch on the grainy side, but here's our first look at the upcoming Toys 'R' Us exclusive OTC Y-Wing Fighter. As reported the other day, this version seems to have its origins in Galoob's Action Fleet line rather than any of the Star Wars films, but it still looks pretty cool. According to the latest Star Wars Insider magazine, fans can look forward to adding this vehicle to their collections in the fall.[/font]

    [font=Arial]Well if this is it, it looks as if it doesn't have a slot for a removable Astro Droid. The Paint app looks stupid too. [/font]
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    Re: Picture of OTC Y-wing

    I dont like the way it looks.
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    Re: Picture of OTC Y-wing

    WTF? Who painted this? Is this a joke?
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    Re: Picture of OTC Y-wing

    Something about it just doesn't look...... real, or something. I'm not so sure about this pic. Or maybe it's the upcoming toy I'm not so sure about.

    I didn't really think the old one was that bad. Be nice if the new ship turned out to be super, and included a new pilot or droid. Only time will tell.

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    Re: Picture of OTC Y-wing

    "What a piece of junk."
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    Re: Picture of OTC Y-wing

    What's with the baby blue cockpit ??? ugh.. It probably wouldn't look as bad if they had done the cockpit differently.

    Hopefully this is someones personal custom, and isn't what we are going to get. It's really too bad if it is though.... I know many people were looking forward to it since the 1st one was so scarce.

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    Re: Picture of OTC Y-wing

    This looks horrible. And besides, why would they make an EU Y-wing to release with all the OTC stuff? I bet they'll end up rereleasing the Target one from a few years ago.
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    Re: Picture of OTC Y-wing

    this looks like an early rendition of the thing the model shop made before the movie was even filmed??





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    Re: Picture of OTC Y-wing

    This better be a test paint.
    Besides the paint, it looks good.

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    Re: Picture of OTC Y-wing

    Maybe this means that they fixed the landing gear is still upright, right?
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