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    Thumbs up Anthony Daniels webchat...

    Is it just me or does Anthony Daniels seem to be the nicest and most accessible person from the entire Saga? He makes himself available for all sorts of promotions and events and just seems like a genuinely nice fellow. Sure... a lot of people could say that he doesn't have much going on for him besides Threepio so he might as well cash in on him, however, Anthony has had a very long and varied career on his home soil. He is frequently doing television and theatre. Knowing this, I just feel he is a sweet man who understands his fortunes and appreciates his fans.

    He has a great (and often self-depricating) sense of humour and appears to be a great conversationalist (with or without the six-million forms of communication).
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    Re: Anthony Daniels webchat...

    Yeah, it's good for us fans that he hasn't gotten all bitter (at least not yet) about always being associated with 3PO. It also may help that he's still making new adventures with 3PO (Ep 3), and I would think he makes a fairly pretty penny for all his appearances, plus the chance to see the world (and get someone else to pay for it).

    If he were all bitter and tried to disavow himself he probably wouldn't get any work... or very little.
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    Re: Anthony Daniels webchat...

    Jeremy Bullock is pretty cool too. I met him at GenCon Indy and he was all "So where are you from?" and "How far of a drive is that? I met one guy who drove over 500 miles. Can you believe that?" He just seemed like a nice guy who was really interested in the fans. You could tell he was actually listening, not just regurgitating the same old questions.

    I still haven't met Anthony Daniels, GenCon Indy first cnvention experience. I missed out on C2 in Indy, but plan to go to the next one.
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    Re: Anthony Daniels webchat...

    Quite cool... I hope some of these folks show up for C3... I am really hoping to go!
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