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Thread: 3 TRU questions

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    3 TRU questions

    Hey everyone. I just had a couple questions about toys r us and star wars stuff they are selling. so here they are

    1. there are now 4 new screen scenes to order on But is scene 1 that was a TRU exlcusive it said, now no longer exclusive. It dosnt say exclusive on it anymore

    2. you can pre order jabbas palace 4 pack, due out in may.
    Is this the 4 pack with the 3 skiff guards and han like can be seen on other sites, or is it something else

    3. In september the TRU exclusive 4 pack Endor Ambush comes out.
    has anyone heard whats in this set.

    just some questions I wanted to ask.

    You can now pre order all 4 screen scenes and the 2 4 packs on just incase anyone didnt know

    Scenes 1 and 2 come out in July
    Scenes 3 and 4 in October
    Jabbas palace 4 pack May
    Endor Ambush 4 pack in September

    I will check you all later
    scooby-wan kadoobie

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    Re: 3 TRU questions

    1 - The first two Saga Jedi Council Screen Scenes (that are available now) aren't TRU exclusives, many people have reported finding them on sale at KB Toys for abour $7. Hasbro will be releasing 4 new Jedi Council Screne Scenes this summer / fall -

    - Plo Koon / Eeth Koth / Obi-Wan (Episode 1)
    - Seassee Tiin / Adi Galia / Anakin (Episode 1)
    - Yoda / Ki Adi Mundi / Qui-Gon Jinn (Episode 1)
    - Shaak Ti / Coleman Trebor / Stass Alie (Episode 2)

    2 - Good question, but I'm not sure if its the "Skirmish At Carkoon" pack or not. I doubt it, as I remember seeing something on about a Jabba's Palace 4-pack that will include a Gamorrean Guard figure. They also had something on there about a Naboo 4-pack.

    3 - The only thing I've heard about this set is that its mostly rehashed figures, POTF2 Endor Han, Wicket & Logray, a Speeder Bike, and a Scout Trooper
    Go ahead and reply, I probably wont read this for another week or so, much less even care what you've got to say to begin with. So I'd advise you to not waste your time, but if you want to, then go ahead :rolleyes:

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