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    Pic of New Tie Fighter

    Looks good. But the box says X-wing fighter on it.
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    Re: Pic of New Tie Fighter

    The ship looked far better in the Saga box. Either way though I'm not interested since its the same out of scale TIE that most of us got on clearance at KB months ago.
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    Re: Pic of New Tie Fighter

    I agree. So far I'm passing on all the vehicles announced for this year.

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    Re: Pic of New Tie Fighter

    Another lame-o figure from hasbro. Of course they wouldn't dare try to improve anything.
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    Re: Pic of New Tie Fighter

    This is just the rehash one from 1995, right? I mean even though it's not in scale I'm going to buy some (I only have the Saga KB one). The package looks weird, hopefully there'll be stars or something in the background.
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    Re: Pic of New Tie Fighter

    It's not the 1995 version. The cockpit has been modified to have the proper exhaust ports on the back rather than the clunky battery compartment.
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    Re: Pic of New Tie Fighter

    Without accurately scaled solar panels, I'll leave this one on the shelves for the rest of you....since I got the Kbee one, and this seems to be that one in a new box, I'll pass.

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    Re: Pic of New Tie Fighter

    surely to god we have all got one of these by now? what's the point hasbro ?
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    Re: Pic of New Tie Fighter

    So what's the official word on this? Is anyone absolutely sure if this will be a repackaging of the modified KB Toy exclusive from last year?
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    Re: Pic of New Tie Fighter

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