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Thread: "Smile" lives?

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    "Smile" lives?

    This from Yahoo news:

    New Brian Wilson Studio Album in June
    Fri Apr 16, 2:56 AM ET

    By Tamara Conniff

    LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Brian Wilson (news)'s first new studio album in six years, "Gettin' in Over My Head," will be released by Warner Music Group's Rhino Records on June 22.

    The 61-year-old former Beach Boy recently resurrected and finished his legendary "Smile" sessions, which he debuted live in the United Kingdom. Wilson is expected to tour Europe in the summer in support of "Gettin' in Over My Head" and possibly bring the "Smile" concert to the United States in the fall. He is currently in the studio working on the final version of "Smile," which will likely also be released through Warner.

    "Gettin' in Over My Head" features guest appearances by Eric Clapton (news), Elton John (news), Van Dyke Parks and Paul McCartney (news). The album also includes a duet with his late brother Carl Wilson (news) titled "Soul Searchin'."

    "Gettin' in Over My Head" features a number songs which Wilson had worked on earlier but had not yet completed, including the title track and "Desert Drive," which are culled from his mid-1990s collaboration with producer Andy Paley. Wilson's last studio album was 1998's "Imagination."
    Hmm. I'm not sure how to take this. Pet Sounds is, in my opinion and in the opinions of many others, the best album ever made, period, end of discussion. And Smile was supposed to be even better. . . until Brian went nuts and burned most of the tapes, leaving only a few fragments (like "Surf's Up," "Heroes and Villains," and a few unfinished scraps that turned up on the Good Vibrations box set).

    I've wondered what it might be like for Brian to come out of La-La Land and finish the project, preferably with other artists who are his friends and not the lousy cover band currently calling itself the Beach Boys.

    But the dude's crazy! And didn't Lifehouse turn out to be a big disappointment when Pete Townsend, as an old pedophile, finally finished it? Will Smile be any different? I hope so. The craptacular garbage Brian's put out in the past thirty years are no way to end a career.
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    Re: "Smile" lives?

    Yeah sounds like he is crazy. It might be halfway decent with the other musicians chipping in on it. I wouldnt mind giving it a go. BTW Pet Sounds probably is the best BEach Boys album, but not ever IMO
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    Re: "Smile" lives?

    I'd love to see "Smile" become a classic like "Pet Sounds" has become, but records like those that stayed unfinished for decades, only to be completed later, rarely become hits.

    In the late 90's, "Pet Sounds" stayed in our 3-disc CD player for almost a year. It has a bit of a melancholy flavor to it, a bit of hope and a bit of disappointment (my fav kind of record). Just one I got sick of listening to a song, I'd discover a new gem to listen to (like "Caroline No" or "I Guess I Just Wasn't Made For These Times"). If "Smile" could retain some of that greatness, then it would be a record worthwhile to get.
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    Re: "Smile" lives?

    not a big fan myself but my brother is a huge brian wilson/beach boys fan and he went to see one of brian's smile shows at the royal festival hall here in london and he was completely blown away by the smile material that was played. apparently brian was on fine form, his voice sounded much better than the last time my brother saw him and his band were superb.
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