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Thread: Clone War cards

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    Clone War cards

    Anyone found them yet? I read where this was the week the cards were gonna hit the stores. I'll check a couple of places this weekend.

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    Re: Clone War cards

    If you're looking for an easy way to get the set check ebay.
    I just won the 90 card set off of ebay for $3.99. I haven't got into too much card collecting of late, but for this price it was hard to pass. I'll report in when I get them next week.
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    Re: Clone War cards

    The local comic shop is now carrying them. I bought three packs. Very cool.

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    Re: Clone War cards

    I found them today at a Walmart. I picked up 4 packs. I'm very impressed with the cards. I didn't find any motion cards or any of the other chase cards but I did get an Obi-Wan sticker.
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    Re: Clone War cards

    How much at Wal-mart and in what section?

    When Target carries SW cards, they're usually $2 a pack, compared to $2.50 at the comic shops.

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    Re: Clone War cards

    I found the cards at WM last night, too. Got the Yoda motion card out of it.

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    Re: Clone War cards

    I normally buy a Hobby Box whenever new cards come out but since I'm lukewarm on the CW series, I didn't want to do that for this set. I'll just buy the base set at a convention this summer.

    I am however very intrigued by the sketch cards which come 1 per box. Maybe I'll buy one of those too, instead of getting a full box.

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    Re: Clone War cards

    If I don't get a sketch card, that's cool. I can live with it. The prices for the cards on ebay are already outlandish.

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    Re: Clone War cards

    I finally found some packs at Target, and I picked up one (cost: $1.99). My opinion? Eh. I can say I have a few cards now, but I don't plan on collecting this set. I know this will sound stupid, but they are just too cartoon-y. Now the Heritage series; that may be a different story.
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    Re: Clone War cards

    A friend of mine works for a newspaper. He wrote an article on the Clone Wars for it, and Topps sent him a free box of cards. he gave me a set and a couple of the extra stickers. My only gripe is that in only covers the first series, with a couple cards pertaining to Grievous, etc.


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