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    Re: How many of us are openers?

    I'm am in complete agreement with you IJG.

    The only figures I have carded are the animated Clone Wars figures, mainly because I like the packaging. I have no doubt though, that at some point, once my new displays are made and set up, that they too will be freed from there cardboard and plastic prisons.

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    Re: How many of us are openers?

    Free no one. Leave em MOC.
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    Re: How many of us are openers?

    Free them all - and be sure to play with them too!

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    Re: How many of us are openers?

    I could contain my urge to open so I do both. 1 to keep carded and 1 to open and 1 to rule them all!
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    Re: How many of us are openers?

    i am an opener. i like to see, hear, smell, touch, taste my figures. and stand them on my copious shelves in correct film groupings. i am forced to be an opener because i can't afford multiples of each figure. the only figures i own that are still in their boxes are muftak and kabe, jabba's dancer (whose name escapes me at the moment) with salacious crumb and the mace windu e1 preview figure. the first two of those were somewhat hard to come by in the uk for quite some time and mace i actually have two of and one box was squashed and one was pristine so i opened the squashed box. i am addicted to the feel of the figures though and when i buy a new one i get an overwhelming urge to free it fromn its constraints and let it loose on my collection! bliss!!
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    MOC displays so much better

    I have my vintage collection out of package (of course) and the new stuff on card, and the fact is they display much better on card...hopefully one day when kids come they respect that...I have the overwhellming feeling that I will come home one day and find my ephant mon and EU Dark trooper locked in a battle with one another at the hands of junior...I will procede to pass out.


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