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Thread: All New Pics

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    All New Pics

    These look great. Looks like there is a pic of the 12" Fett in here as well. And no its not a May Fools joke this time.
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    Re: All New Pics

    Strange and interesting... there's some older Saga stuff mixed in there. Is that one of those Kotobukiya Jango Fett's, or some other brand of model?

    I like the new OTC vehicle packaging... shame that I won't be buying either the TIE or the X-Wing.

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    Re: All New Pics

    If it is a new 12" Jango,not too bad.However,it almost looks like the Character Collectible Vinyls they put out not too long ago.The colors might be a little different,but still I wonder.
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    Re: All New Pics

    A very bizarre setup, but the vehicle boxes look nice. Better than the mock-up we saw a few days ago.
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    Re: All New Pics

    Nice. I'll buy the TIE for sure (So I can paint it and pretend its one of those EU TIES on I've got an X-Wing already an I think I'm gonna buy Red Leader's too. Gold Leader will get his Y-Wing in fall, so, taht's just about all I like. I am getting the Falcon though. These vehicles are going to be greaaaaaaaaat!

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    Re: All New Pics

    Nice pics. Can't wait to see these in stores! (if the ones in my area get them ) I can't wait to see Vintage Boba Fett!
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