Remember when bands would have an instrumental song on each album? Where have they gone? Sure a few bands still throw one on the occasional album but they are very few and far between. Instrumentals of old use to become hits on the radio. Could this ignoring of the instrumental be an indicator of a decrease in artist/band skill? That it's more about the image and sound than the actual artistic skill?

I still love listening to these old instrumentals. I remember the first few times I heard them how I was blown away by the ability of the band without bothering with words. YYZ by Rush for example showcases Neil Pearts amazing drumming as well as shows that Geddy and Alex are pretty darn good as well. Not only is it about their ability as instrument players but shows how they can put together a song without words to carry the tune.

Could any of these modern bands even be able to put out a decent instrumental? I doubt it. No one really impresses me that they are truly gifted players but just a pre-packaged group that fits the marketing profile. Once the flavor of the month is up they can't change with the times because of their limited musical ability leaving them to continually rehash their old material/sound (ie Korn).

Look at the diversified sounds within older bands album discography. Led Zepplin, The Beatles, Rush, Yes, The Rolling Stones to name a few.

What's your take on this?