According to, it looks as if there definitley will be a live action Star Wars tv series in the future.
More SW TV Series Confirmation
Mon, May 03, 04 01:00:20 AM EDT

Sean writes in with this cool report to confirm work on a SW TV Show is most definitely happening:
I asked him about Star Wars' future and he got really excited and told me in thinly veiled comments that it is going to TV (live-action) . He couldn't go into details because he was under a legal contract. So I asked this gentlemen if the show was pre-EP4, he said maybe with a smile, then I asked about Vader, and he had the same response, same with Chewbacca, same with Tarkin. Anyways he said Lucasfilm was really excited about this, and he did mention that there were to be no Episodes 7-9.
We've got more coming this week, but let's just say a TV Show is a definite thing, according to documents being distributed to licensees and marketing people now.
But the question remains, will it be set closer to Episode 3 or Episode 4...?