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    Repainting - help please

    Hey guys,

    I tried repainting a clone trooper using acrylic paint and it didn't turn out well. I need some advice...

    Do you guys prime it first? Do you thin down the paint a lot? How do you stop the new paint from peeling off the figure? Do you even use acrylic paint?

    Is there some kind of guide that I could reference?


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    Re: Repainting - help please

    Are you just making a basic white Clonetrooper? I use acrylic. You cant put it on thick or it will come off too chunky and not at all smooth on the figure which is what you want. White is hard cause other colors are transparent through it. White sometimes needs a few layers.
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    Re: Repainting - help please

    Well, I was trying to make a red Clone Trooper blue.

    Now I want to color an extra Chewbacca to look like my SW Galaxies character.

    Is there some kind of finish you apply when done painting?

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    Re: Repainting - help please

    Acrylic paint doesn't always bond well with the finished plastic, so if the paint is rubbing or flaking off, a finish coat won't stop that. Sometimes scuffing up the piece with some very light sandpaper helps the paint to stick. I have heard that enamel paints covered in testors dullcote is much more durable than acrylics, but have not tried it yet (Without the dullcote, the enamel paint does not entirely dry on the softer plastics).

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    Post Re: Repainting - help please

    Check out It has great basic do and don'ts.

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    Re: Repainting - help please

    Primer is essential, acrylic paint will work real nice if you use a flat white enamel spray paint first on the fig... washing the figoff good with detergent before you do so will haelptoo, if there's any mold release agent left over on the fig that will get rid of it...

    If you're gonna blast it with dullcote, make sure you let the acrylic dry completely ot there could be trouble (cracking, peeling)
    Acrylic paint is by far the best to use, colours wise and price wise, I personally use Delta ceramcoat, which is cheap and comes in over 200 colours
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