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    New Ceremonial Luke????

    I was skimming through Hasbro's website and found this picture. I havent seen this Luke Ceremonial; before. Is it new? I also have the original version and the one fromthe Leia sets posted for comparisons.
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    Re: New Ceremonial Luke????

    I think that's from the 12" collector series. I remember seeing those Lukes linger for months on clearance.

    Never ended up getting one myself

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    Re: New Ceremonial Luke????

    Good thing too, it looks horrid. We could really use another ceremonial Luke and a ceremonial Han. Then they could use the body from Han to make a Lando from the end of ESB!
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    Re: New Ceremonial Luke????

    I don't think we need another. I am pretty much tired of resculpts. New figures is what we need.
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    Re: New Ceremonial Luke????

    I would agree - that Luke looks like a 12" figure, just based on the appearance of the materials used. I wouldn't clammer for a new 3.75 Ceremonial Luke, if they release one for OTC I would bet dollars to donuts it'd be a rerelease of the POTF2 jobby.


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