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    Episode III wish lists - SPOILERS

    Now that we have an Episode III figure section, and the figures will probably be here in under a year, which ones would you like to see? What features? What cards?

    I hope they don't bring back action features, although I am afraid they might for "more playability." The quality better not go down again like at the start of the AOTC Saga line. This year, Hasbro's shown us what they are capable of, and that's quite a lot. There probably won't be as much articulation as the VOTC figures, but more than usual would be nice. For the cards, I really like the OTC package, so maybe they can have their own style for a while (purple?) and then revert to the OTC style after a few months. I still want a big bubble for larger accessories and figures (not a new scale - I mean Ephant Mon etc.).

    Even though not much about the movie has been told, here's a list of what I want to see figure-wise. There are spoilers, so look out.

    *Anakin Skywalker (Jedi Knight) with cloak and lightsaber
    *Obi-Wan Kenobi (Uttapu) with cloak and lightsaber
    *Padmé Amidala (Senator)
    *General Grievous with lightsabers and blasters
    *Yoda with lightsaber and force powers
    *Mace Windu with lightsaber
    *Darth Sidious with lightsaber and force powers
    *Chewbacca (Kashyyyk Battle) with bowcaster
    *Clone Trooper (Kashyyyk Battle) with blaster and binoculars
    *Battle Droid with blaster
    *Obi-Wan Kenobi with beast (beast pack)
    *Darth Vader with removable armor (late release)
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    Re: Episode III wish lists - SPOILERS

    Char-Broiled Anakin!

    All others will pale in comparison!

    All variations of Clone Troopers
    Dead Clones
    Dead Jedi
    Dead Dooku
    Dead Padme'
    Dead Wookie Warrior
    Asajj Ventress
    General Grieviousness with 100 lightsabers
    Supreme Overlord Dark Jar-Jar
    Passion Embrace Obi-Wan/Padme' 2 pack
    Yoda with disapproving scowel
    Spirit of Qui-Gon
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    Re: Episode III wish lists - SPOILERS


    General Grievous (super articulated, with removable mask)
    General Grievous' Henchman / Body Guard
    Rune Haako : Mustafar Massacer
    Nute Gunray : Mustafar Massacer
    Denaria Kee : Mustafar Massacer
    San Hill : Mustafar Massacer
    Wat Tambor : Mustafar Massacer (with exploding action, if he explodes that is.)
    Poggle the Lesser : Mustafar Massacer
    Po Nudo : Mustafar Massacer
    Shu Mai : Mustafar Massacer
    Passel Argente : Mustafar Massacer
    Neimoidian Aide : Mustafar Massacer
    Neimoidian Guard / Gunner
    Battle Droid (super articulated)
    Super Battle Droid (super articulated)
    Destroyer Droid (super articulated / transformable.)
    Neimoidian Pilot
    Battle Droid : Pilot
    Helpful Alien
    Obi-Wan Kenobi : Mustafar Duel
    Anakin Skywalker : Mustafar Duel
    Darth Vader (with removable body parts and armor.)
    Commander Cody
    Padme Amidala / Skywalker (with baby Luke & Leia figures.)
    Darth Sidious
    Emperor Palpatine
    Darth Vader's Birth Medicial Droids (both versions)
    Count Dooku : Trade Federation Crusier Duel
    Senator Fang Zar
    Wookie Warrior
    Senator Bail Organa
    Senator Mon Mothma
    Fireship Fireman

    Vehicles / Ships / Beasts :

    General Grievous' Wheel of Death
    Anakin's Jedi Starfighter
    Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter
    Clone Fighter
    General Grievous' Ship
    Obi-Wan's Lizard
    Corporate Alliance Tank Droid
    Bail Organa's Red Speeder
    Coruscant Fire Department Fireship

    More to come...
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    Re: Episode III wish lists - SPOILERS

    I just to say that I did not look at anyone's lists, I am staying away from spoilers, but NO ACTION FEATURES! That is all.
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    Re: Episode III wish lists - SPOILERS

    you keep sauying massacre massacre you sound like bevis and butt-head.very kewl i like it duder these lists are great !!!!!
    Someday i will be the most powrful jedi ever!!! (lifts leg frrrrrrraaaaaaaapppppppp)
    padme" eww anakin"
    Ah the smell of power,or was it that damned blue milk?"

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    Re: Episode III wish lists - SPOILERS

    Grevious X10
    Anakin Obiwan
    Hunch men
    Helpful Alien
    Wookie Warrior
    Unleashed Grevious....more to come.

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    Re: Episode III wish lists - SPOILERS

    Captain Typho: Coruscant Security
    Jar Jar Binks: Coruscant Representative (with vibro blade)
    Jar Jar Binks: Royal Funeral (with quick draw firing action)
    Bail Organa: Clandestine Separatist

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    Re: Episode III wish lists - SPOILERS

    Obi-Wan Kenobi: Incurable Rash

    Wookie Senator: Council Restoom (with rainbow mohawk and removable underpants [wooooooooo!])

    R2-D2: Is That A Third Leg Or Are You Happy To See Me? (with nauseating odor feature)

    General Greivous: Catholic Confessional (with inappropriate pictures of George Lucas)

    Pink Stormtrooper: Coruscant Ya-Ya Cat Club (with vibro-staff)

    more to come........

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    Re: Episode III wish lists - SPOILERS

    When do you think we will see our first Ep3 figures?

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    Re: Episode III wish lists - SPOILERS

    Quote Originally Posted by -Durge-
    When do you think we will see our first Ep3 figures?
    I'd say prolly sometime around next April, much like the situation was when the Episode 1 figures were released before the film. Then again, and knowing Hasbro, they could very easily release some figures in the "Sneak Preview" form a few 2 or so months ahead of the flim (possibly sooner). Most likely they'd release a Greivous figure since we've seen him in the Clone Wars cartoon and in the Insider magazine (among other forms of SW news), and most fans now already have a good idea of what he looks like. My best guess though, judging from past experience, would be that the Episode 3 figures will most likely start hitting shelves (assuming Hasbro amps up their distribution) a few weeks before the film is released or roughly the same week as the film is released.


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