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    KEBco includes "Galactic Heroes" in their 3.75" category...!

    COOL! I'm kinda looking forward to these little guys. I wasn't really up for paying the money for the ships and whatnot but little two-packs of the figures will be fun!!
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    I would personally stay away from KEBco for figures. I haven't heard a single good word about them.
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    I never had a problem. They have this thing called the "One of Every Figure" Club and it's a great way to be sure you'll get one of every figure.

    Also they post here right on these forums, so I wouldn't be worried about anything.

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    Ok JP and Caesar, you guys are kidding, right??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deoxyribonucleic View Post
    Ok JP and Caesar, you guys are kidding, right??
    They'd better be since this thread was started in 2004.
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    I had no trouble with them in 2004. I got out soon after I posted that. There were signs of impending doom and theivery coming down the pike and, for as much as I urged people to get out, they didn't. I had no trouble getting my deposits back from them 'cos I acted quickly.

    By the way, what the heck prompted someone to bump this thread back up from the land of the dead??
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