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    Does anyone else not care about Friends ending?

    Hello, my name is El Chuxter, and I hate Friends.

    What is the deal? It's a decent sitcom, but I've never thought of it as even close to Seinfeld, Simpsons, Lucy, Get a Life, even Frasier.

    I'm sick of the constant media coverage it's getting. "How will it end?" has been the subject of every stupid news story for the past month. Doesn't matter if there are prisoners being beat up in Iraq, a presidential election going on, bears sneaking into LA hot tubs, or whatever. All anyone seems able to report is idle speculation on whether Ross gets back with Chandler and Joey goes back to his old show in Chicago with the Bundys or Larry will tell Julie how he feels and blah blah blah blah.

    Even my wife, who hasn't watched the show more than three times since I've known her, is adamant about watching tonight. As we only have one TV, I guess I'll have to miss the 2-hour Cops special and read some more of the Dark Tower series.

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    Re: Does anyone else not care about Friends ending?

    **** Friends.
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    Re: Does anyone else not care about Friends ending?

    First off, I didn't know there was a 2 hour COPS on tonight. I'm going over to the girl's house to a "Friends" party so I can tape COPS at home. I wouldn't call myself a fan of the show, but it's something that I have been watching this season.

    I think that everyone is making such a big deal because Friends is so homogenized, it fits in with the way all the rest of corporate entertainment is.
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    Re: Does anyone else not care about Friends ending?

    I couldnt care less either way, if it is on or not.
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    Re: Does anyone else not care about Friends ending?

    I'll be working so it makes no difference to me. However, my Mom and Grandma really like the show and are looking forward to it so for that reason I'm happy for them, but for myself, I never really watch the show.

    I don't think it's horrible, but it's definitely not my favorite sitcom and it definitely doesn't stand up to MASH or Simpsons IMO.

    The coverage this show is getting is crazy. But I understand because we are after all, in America and what do most Americans (besides us of course ) love to do? We love to push reality, which incorporates bad, bad stuff, to the backburner, so we don't have to feel guilty for beind so spoiled and so we don't have to feel guilty for pushing reality aside in the first place, because we won't be thinking about it, we'll be watching Friends!
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    Re: Does anyone else not care about Friends ending?

    I don't care at all. I have always thought that Friends was very average.
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    Re: Does anyone else not care about Friends ending?

    I don't care either. I've been invited to three "Friends Finale" parties. . . and I was like. . . "WHAT!?!?" I can't wait for it all to be over, and not have to see these clowns on TV anymore!
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    Re: Does anyone else not care about Friends ending?

    The top ten good things that Friends accomplished:

    1) It gave Courteney Cox the large paycheck she didn't earn for her Oscar-caliber role in Masters of the Universe.

    2) It put Matthew Perry enough in the public eye so that he could co-star in The Whole Nine Yards.

    3) Uhhhhh. . . . Okay there are only two reasons.
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    Re: Does anyone else not care about Friends ending?

    I used to watch the show, but after like the 2nd season, it dawned on me: they have NO NEW PLOT IDEAS. They just seem to rehash the same plot ideas season after season. I had an idea about how i would end the series if i was a writer on the show and here it is: the entire gang is enjoying a cup o'joe @the central perk and a runaway taxi busts through the window, bursts into flames and blows up the central perk, killing everybody.

    But about 75% of my.....(sigh) friends enjoy watching "Friends" and they're heartbroken. My buddy and i had devised a plan cutting cable to all of Athens and making sure the entire student population misses the finale, but we decided it would cause a large riot and we've had enough of those at OU this year and decided not to do it. But yeah, the media coverage is just nuts about this whole thing. All week long on every talk show and news broadcast is all about, "How is it going to end?" and "What will happen now?" I'll tell you what'll happen now: you won't hear crap from the cast as most of their non-friends efforts have failed. The sooner this crap is over the better.
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    Re: Does anyone else not care about Friends ending?

    Well I've never really been a big fan of sitcoms in general so my exposure to the series has been minimal. I never understood the appeal of Friends but from what I hear the show jumped the shark a long time ago. I'll be glad when its gone simply because I'm tired of the exposure it gets.
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