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    Lets talk Playsets as well

    Ok, Tycho brought up the vehicles to go along with our figures. What aboout playsets?

    Creature Cantina - A beloved piece that was in my vintage collection. Sure they are releasing these Cantina sections to make your own, but by the time thats all done, we get rehashes of figures and spent 60 bucks for a bar and a stool. Give us a playset for 19.99 and call it a day.

    Tatooine playset - Very cool as a kid to have. Had the cardboard Sandcrawler. Basically it was a plastic base with a landing for the escape pod and a dune. Very cost effective to make could be 9.99 or even 14.99

    Death Star Playset - Umm I think this is probably the most wanted playset(Ewok Village a close second) wanted right now. Hasbro could rehash the Kenner version or even make a totally different one. Even one in sections, giving us the Hangar bay, Duel Area, Detention area and whatever else. Either way I want one.

    Hoth Playset - Same as Tatooine, but with Cardboard AT-AT. Uses the same mold but painted white.

    Imperial Attack Base - A great playset. I recently bought a vintage one online and love it as much now as I did when I was a kid. Make it exactly the same as the vintage one.

    Dagobah - Who wouldnt want this? I never had it as a kid, but always wanted it. Very cool playset. Yoda's hut, Swamp area and the Tree of Fear.

    ISD Playset - Why not? We got all the Bounty Huunters adn Now Ozzel. All we need is the ISD playset

    Carbon Freeze - Only if they make the rest of Bespin as well. The dining area, landing platforms, Duel area, if not, keep it.

    Jabbas Throne - We just got a new Jabba and he is good. To make it Great we need his dias. That would be the only thing that wouldmake Jabba complete. Have it come with Oola and Crumb

    Ewok Village - COme on. We got Ewoks and no trees for them to celebrate in. If they make one playset this should be it(or Death Star). If they are reissuing Wicket, why not his home too?

    There are also a few others that they could make:

    Emperors Throne Room(ROTJ) - Basic with a little duel area, catwalk, stairs and the chair with a window.

    Endor Bunker - The final battleground never had a playset. We got Ewoks,AT-ST, speeder bikes, Ewok Gliders, but no sheild bunker.

    Echo Base - A few screens, some chairs and Toryn Farr would make up this puppy

    Lukes Home(Tatooine) - Why not? A good portion in ANH is filmed there. ALl we need to complete it would be Owen and Beru. We got the Droids, a new R1-G4, getting Jawas, and Tuskens. COuld be Lukes room or even a few huts on a base.

    Anymore you can think of feel free to add to the list or just put your thoughts in.
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    Re: Lets talk Playsets as well

    I would be happy with a simple update of the vintage Death Star Playset (the big American version, not the crappy Palitoy cardboard version). That thing was one of my favorite toys as a kid (I got one for Christmas in 1980).

    A rerelease of the Ewok Village would be cool too, as long as they add the 'foliage' from the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves version.
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    Re: Lets talk Playsets as well

    I wouldn't mind seeing a rerelease of yoda's hut and the ewok village. I loved the swamp in the dagobah set. Hundreds of hours were spent sending figures to their murky doom!.

    On that same train of thought I would love to see Sarlacc pit playset. Have a pit in the center with like a rubber puppet sarlacc to grab figures and on one side a section of Jabba's sail barge (nothing elaborite just something to scale to set figures on top and knock them into the pit.) I would easily pay $40 for that.

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    Re: Lets talk Playsets as well

    Nice addition Dindae. A Sarlaac pit and Sail BArge would be awesome.
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    Re: Lets talk Playsets as well

    How about a Millenium Falcon interior? It could have a four-seat cockpit and the cargo area where Obi Wan trained Luke. This should be cheaper than a whole ship built to scale and would give you interior scenes that are more accessable than those inside an entire ship.
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    Re: Lets talk Playsets as well

    I definitely would like to see a Death Star Playset, but the problem would be with the inflation of today how much would it cost? I think for them to sell it to stores they would have to make it in parts maybe with figure pack-ins. Like the Command room with Admiral Wulf Yalaren (SP?), Detention Corridor with Stormtrooper, Emperor's Throne Room with Royal guard, etc. I also would like to see ones from the prequels as well. Especially the Naboo Throne Room.

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    Re: Lets talk Playsets as well

    Some of the playsets from the vintage era actually look very good. Shame they haven't been rereleased yet.
    Dagobah - With all the Dagobah figures this fall, why not?
    Endor Village - A nice little playset from some scenes on Endor. Rereleased with an Ewok.
    Endor Attack - Another Endor set! Also with an Ewok (both new, of course).
    Hoth Battle - From 1996. Maybe with a new non-grinning Hoth Soldier.
    Death Star - At the very least, rerelease the sets from 1996. With Luke and Han in stormtrooper disguise. If possible, keep making new playsets to be added to these.

    I don't think they should rerelease the Star Destroyer playset, it is way too tiny. At least make a new Vader in meditation chamber! I can't really see them making a whole playset out of the Star Destroyer. Maybe though if it were the size of the Queen's starship, if not a lot bigger.
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    Re: Lets talk Playsets as well

    I would love to see some new playsets as well, although I think it's pretty doubtful. We can probably look forward to one or two from Episode III but I'd say that's about it.

    If by some act of God Hasbro did decide to do some, I'd love to see some ship interiors. I always thought the outdoor scenes were cheesy. Why use a piece of plastic when you can go outside and use the real thing? (from a kid's standpoint, which is who Hasbro primarily targets) Anyway...Some playsets I think would be great are:

    -Millenium Falcon Interior
    -Repair area
    -Gaming area
    -Star Destroyer
    -Meditation Chamber
    -Mon Cal Cruiser
    -Conference Room.

    Along with the SD and Mon Cal, I'd like to see scaled down electronic versions of the ship's exterier, similar to the ? fleet that we got back in 97 - maybe just a little bigger and a little more detailed. That way we have the ship itself as well as it's interior without a toy the size of a city block.

    I think Hangers for these or anything else would be useless because any Hanger that Hasbro could produce would be so horribly underscale. For a star destroyer or death star hanger playset to be to scale with the tie fighter toy it would have to be huge. Better just use your imagination.

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    Re: Lets talk Playsets as well

    I like the idea of Death Star, Jabba's Palace, and Hoth playsets.
    But I would like to see them released as several interlocking playsets to help keep costs down. Well, as long as they aren't as crappy as the 2 Death Star playsets from the mid 90's.
    Endor Bunker - The final battleground never had a playset. We got Ewoks,AT-ST, speeder bikes, Ewok Gliders, but no sheild bunker.
    There was one from the mid 90's, wasn't there? But if memory serves, it was about as great as the 2 Death Star ones.
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    Re: Lets talk Playsets as well

    Yup. the Modern Endor Playset (rumored to be rereleased in OTC packaging with a new Figure) was that of the Back Door to the Bunker. You can view pictures in the Collector's Database here on SSG.
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