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    Survivor: All-Stars - you choose who wins $1 million

    Last night on the Survivor Reunion show, it was revealed that a second $1 million prize would be awarded to the audience's choice among the 18 All-Star castaways. If you want to vote you can go to and place your vote for whichever castaway you believe should have won $1 million.

    I was torn between Rupert, Big Tom and Rudy; but I eventually voted for Rupert.

    Anybody else here plan to vote?
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    Re: Survivor: All-Stars - you choose who wins $1 million

    My wife is voting for Rupert.
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    Re: Survivor: All-Stars - you choose who wins $1 million

    I went with Rupert. & , can't go wrong with that.
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    Re: Survivor: All-Stars - you choose who wins $1 million

    Yea, at the very first of last season, when he stole the other teams shoes "We are pirates, and what do pirates do? We pillage!" Was awesome. I gotto go for Rupert.

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    Re: Survivor: All-Stars - you choose who wins $1 million

    While Amber did a fair job a playing the game, riding on Rob's coat tails, I thought Rob deserved to win. My vote went for him, even though they are getting married.

    If not him, then Rudy. He's the man!
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    Re: Survivor: All-Stars - you choose who wins $1 million

    Big Tom is one cool feller, and he had the best comments at both the interrogations prior to the two final votes he took place in.

    But, well, as much as we all love Big Tom, you can't vote for him over Rupert!

    Though personally I think Big Tom and Rupert should star in a sitcom as roommates, with Hach, Lex, and Shiiann as the wacky neighbors. That'd be a hoot!
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    Re: Survivor: All-Stars - you choose who wins $1 million

    Not sure if they'll accept my vote or not, but I'll head over and try to put one up for Rupert. He played very well both times, and managed to keep a little of his intergrity during even the dirtiest Survivor action ever. All-Star was fantastic, I really hope they decide to do that again sometime down the road.

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    Re: Survivor: All-Stars - you choose who wins $1 million

    [font=Times New Roman][font=Verdana]Ugh! I’ll be happy when this show finally doesn’t get renewed...[/font]
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    Re: Survivor: All-Stars - you choose who wins $1 million

    Gotta Vote Ruppert. JJR is Right Ruppert did keep some dignity in the Dirtiest Survivor ever.

    Gotta ask, What did you vote in the other survey questions?

    I voted Elisabeth as hottest Female

    no vote for hottest male

    best moment was Jenna getting peanutbutter

    and best fight was Ruppert/Johnny Fairplay

    Anyone else?


    P.S. I like the Sitcom Idea El Chuxter had.

    Chux, What they really need to do is combine Iron Chef with Survivor, and put two of the survivors, maybe Keith Famie from survivor Australia, who is a Chef, and someone else in Kitchen Stadium, as one of their challenges. It'd be a crossover show. We could hear things such as "the chairman likes Blanched Tranatula," or "the secret ingredient is Vampire Bat."

    AA, Eh!
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    Re: Survivor: All-Stars - you choose who wins $1 million

    Thanks for posting the link big B. I recorded the show and it ran over it's alloted time so I missed out on hearing there was an online vote and another episode.

    I voted for...

    Million $ winner: Rupert
    Best Fight: Rob strangles Clay
    Hottest Women: Amber
    Top Moments: Outback- Michael Skupin falls in fire
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