Well this years Star Wars weekends started this weekend at Walt Disney World. Is any one here planning on attending?

I'm not able to go, although my family was down there this weekend and picked me up the Mickey Jedi plush, featured a few weeks ago on SW.com.
I guess they were supposed to be there Friday morning, but Fed Ex was late with the shipment, so my family was told to come at Sat. at 8am, then they would have them. Then they still didn't have them, and were told they would be gotten in that morning and they would not be put out until 2 pm. At 1:30 they miracuallously were already on the shelf. Fortunately, my family stopped by early and snagged me one. Later on in the day they stopped back, and were all gone.

I've never actually made it to a SW weekend, although have got my picture with Chewie and an Ewok just in normal trips to the Studios.