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    Re: What's your level of SW interest right now?

    [FONT=Comic Sans MS][/FONT]I can't wait to go to celebration 3! My three best friends and I have been planning in earnest for the past few months. The DVDs are gonna be okay, but I'm more jazzed about the bonus material than watching the Short Bus version of the OT. But Uncle George wants our money.

    I haven't really been collecting the toys and memorabilia as much as recent years, but I don't think that really deters from the fact that I have a definite need to see the next movie.

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    Re: What's your level of SW interest right now?

    Quote Originally Posted by stillakid
    I'm far more excited about seeing SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW than I am about watching another Star Wars film.
    I'm actually pretty stoked about that upcoming movie also, why'd they bump it back? Were they afraid audiences would confuse it with Day After Tomorrow? (another movie I'm really excited about)

    Anyways, I had to choose "light" to guage my Star Wars interest right now. I'll pretty much keep my eyes peeled for the occasional cool item, but I really have no interest in becoming a hardcore collector again.
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    Re: What's your level of SW interest right now?

    My interest has and will never die down, whenever i go out and see anything with starwars on it, i get a warm feeling of comfort, nothing else has ever done this to me.... ever since 1977

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    Re: What's your level of SW interest right now?

    I am the biggest Star wars fan I personally know (I know there are bigger fans out there, I just don't know you personally). So my previous interest is all I have to compare to and I would say my current interest is moderate. Not super psyched about anything right now.

    The new toys look cool , but I think there are too many re-hashed/re-packed figures coming out so the pro and con there balances out.

    I really enjoy the EU comics and books , but I am frustrated with not having a strong published timeline that explains how the artoon series fits into the clone wars timeline . Again the pros and cons balance out.

    I am looking forward to EIII , but am peeved about the fan club change ... and hold neutral feelings about the DVD's (finally on DVD = yeah... no choice of classic v. SE = boo). So again... pros and cons balance out.

    One plus side has been that I've found all the 3 3/4" toys that have been released so far this year ... again there is a balancing con and that is that a lot of the later stuff from last year never hit shelves here .

    right now my feelings about everything is quite MODERATE...

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    Re: What's your level of SW interest right now?

    I will begin preparing for a one day teaching "Chat Room" at a local educational consortium called "Don't Underestimate the Classroom Side of the Force" in which I will present several sample lessons I've developed to tie together economics, religion, government, geography, and literature for senior high school students. Participants will bring their mini-lessons and we will "Chat" about their uses. This coming year will be a perfect time to bring these areas together. This all goes down the first Friday in October. Got to keep the energy high, it will be my 31st year in the classroom.

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    Re: What's your level of SW interest right now?

    I put decreasing but meant to put moderate so maybe some one could change that for me?? *hint hint

    Anyhoo, since I feel moderate, I'll explain:

    I'm not at all excited for the new movies really so my interest there is pretty much a big fat zero, but I'm sort of excited for the OT dvd (I already have a set on dvd that were transfered from the laserdisc and they are rockin') and all the new OT figures that have been/are coming out! I'm excited for celebration 3 because of the OT and because I'll get to meet up with a great friend and live nothing but star wars for a few days.

    As far as that craptacular fan club, that REALLY made my interests wane but like underwear, I'm sure my mood will change!

    My love for the OT is really the only thing that keeps me going!
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    Re: What's your level of SW interest right now?

    I have to say decreasing. I mean I still like the stuff, but it's starting to get old. I got so much time and money invested in this I feel I have to continue. I do still get a bit excited when I find something in the stores, so that means something. I just got jacked by EE so I'm a bit POed right know. They sold my Unleashed Leia to another customer when I said I'd come down to pick it up. All the $$ I spend there and they pull this.
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    Re: What's your level of SW interest right now?

    With the exception of J'Quille, I've been finding the new figures pretty regularly. That's a nice change. The new stuff seems to be hitting the stores.

    The packaging for the OTC figs looks great (brings back great memories from my childhood!) but I would like to see more new figs released.

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    Re: What's your level of SW interest right now?



    * Cause i hate the changes to Fan Club
    * Grew tired of re pack figures and silver "exclusives"
    * dont feel so much fanatic now, i play the games (jk2 and Swg) but thats about it for star wars and me for now.

    hopefully when the OT DVD comes out interest will grow again, but it takes more than that to show they really care for the fans.
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    Talking Re: What's your level of SW interest right now?

    Very high. I can't wait until the DVDs come out as well as the movie next year. From what I've been hearing, the fight scene between Obi Wan and Anakin is going to be the most intense lightsaber duel of them all.


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