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    What's your level of SW interest right now?

    With Episode III only a year away, the recent Clone Wars cartoon micro-series, the upcoming DVD release of the Classic Trilogy, rumors of a live-action Star Wars television series on the horizon, the fan club changing hands, and Hasbro toy lines shifting gears, this poll is trying to gauge what is the general level of fan interest in Star Wars at this very "in flux" moment. And once you've voted, why not let us all know what aspects of Star Wars you're most looking forward to.

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    Re: What's your level of SW interest right now?

    My interest level is high right now. All the upcoming stuff is great. Cant wait to get the DVD's finally. EP3 is highly anticipated by me as well.
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    Re: What's your level of SW interest right now?

    High always...pretty much. Excitement started to wane a bit shortly after the SAGA line hit. But it's back with a vengence!

    High points:

    The upcoming DVD release!!! YEAH!!! even if it is the weak SE version

    The upcoming C3 celebration!!!

    The new movie, just 1 year away!!!

    Vintage style packaging to celebrate the upcoming DVD release.

    The end of the SAGA line?!?! Hopefully.

    Low point:

    Re-carded figures.
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    Re: What's your level of SW interest right now?

    I put strong but only because of all the things sith killer listed above. I am still not as hyped as I was before every other movie. Probably not even as much as I was a month ago. It is probably just a phase I go through when I realize all the money I spend on this stuff before I can justify it in my brain. When they announce some new figures It will probably turn me around until then every recard will continue to lower my excitement.
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    Re: What's your level of SW interest right now?

    I think my interest is pretty high, compared to an average person, but low for a major fan. So I voted for moderate. The only big thing really looking forward to is E3. I'm indifferent toward the DVD release because the only DVD player I have is in my computer. I have not bought a new SW book (novel or comic) for a couple of years. I've never cared about any SW TV shows. And Hasbro's Saga line pretty much did me in on the current line of figures last year.
    But on the up side I'm still interested in what Hasbro is making even if I don't buy, I'm also game for what Lego is doing, and my interest in vintage items has never been higher. So while my overall interest level might be low, I very happy with where my interest level is for the time being.
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    Re: What's your level of SW interest right now?

    My interest is growing, but not because of anything due from Hasbro. I'm finally getting the ol' display room whipped into shape!

    My real incentive now is to complete my POTF2 collection.
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    Re: What's your level of SW interest right now?

    I've dropped to moderate of late. Mostly because I've been working my hind end off so I don't have a lot of spare time to even think about anything else. But also because we're in an off movie year. I get my not-so-regular KEBco shipment which is always cool, but I don't have a lot of time to deal with toys right now so that's limited. We've pretty much talked the movies to death in one way or another so it's now a waiting game until Episode III hits and we can compare scorecards again. The DVDs are good, but not enough to get me in a tizzy about or anything.

    I don't know. The Star Wars thing just isn't the same and is only getting worse it seems. I'm far more excited about seeing SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW than I am about watching another Star Wars film. If only Lucas would recognize that the saga needs a jolt of innovation and life and hand it over to young blood then maybe he'd excite the old generation again. But that's moot, so....

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    Re: What's your level of SW interest right now?

    My interest has been strong since i was 7.


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    Re: What's your level of SW interest right now?

    My interest has been strong, it's just that my satisfaction is not always as high.
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    Re: What's your level of SW interest right now?

    I voted "strong" as well.

    I enjoyed the cartoons and I'm looking forward to episode 3. (It's almost impossible for me not to be somewhat excited about it.) The DVD release will be nice, but it could be... nicer. The toys have been a little hard to find, but very fun lately. In general, I'm enjoying the toy hobby very much, and I'm looking forward to what's coming next.

    I have to admit, my interest has really spiked in the last month or so thanks to my new friend -- "Knights of the Old Republic." The Xbox has been grabbing a lot of what little spare time I've had, but I'm giving it up happily. Very much looking forward to KOTOR 2 also. (Time to go earn some more darkside points now.)


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