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    It took me forever to find one searching all the toy stores and going to toy fairs,now I have an army and god darn proud of it!
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    I'm a late collector, so I wasn't able to find POTF2 wave 1-4 easily. Also the prices for those OCs at the comic stores are about $10-$15 each. So, I was on my vacation to Indonesia and went to a toy store since my son wants go get something, I was thrilled to see a wall full of old SW figures. Plus, the price is about $3 each. The cards are not mint, C8-9. But who cares with that price. I was able to get most of those wave and also the SOTE 2 pack with BF & IG88. Too bad there is no exciting variation, the only one worth mentioning is Han in Carbonite with Carbonite Freezing Chamber sticker are plenty over there.

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    I found DV:Removable Helmet, Motti, Piett, Zuckuss, CommTech Vader, CommTech Stormie, and the entire Expanded Universe line at retail.

    However, I'm apparently a moron, because I passed up (at retail) Ree Yees, Death Star Trooper, Mynock Hunt, and Luke w/ Tauntaun. Not to mention I bought Sith Lord Maul, Jedi Master Qui-Gon, Soft Goods Obi-Wan, Damaged Droideka, Wuher, and the Fan Club Four when they were first released.
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    Ahhh, memories..... So many beautiful moments.

    Here are some that pop to mind.

    I walked into a gas station and, much to my surprize, found that they were selling their R2-D2 pepsi cooler for 30 bucks. I drop the candy bar I was holding.

    I was walking around Toy R Us not expecting to find anything when I happened upon a bin that recently had several boxes of potf2 figures dumped into it. Low and behold, as I dug through them I found a R2-holo Leia in perfect condition. It's still the only one I've ever seen in stores. I started jumping around in the store in front of people.

    I was doing my routine checking for varaint figures when I raised a Jawa/gonk up and found that it was the one hole variant. I almost screamed in the store.

    By the hair on my teeth, I was able to get a At-At for 30 and Millenium falcon for 20 at KB.

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    I found a Skiff w/Luke at a Target last September. I rarely went to Target to look for my toys, since there aren't any that are really near me, so I was glad to find that. I now have been to 3 different Targets twice each during the past three weeks and haven't yet found a B-wing.

    On a non POTF2 note, I found 2 AF Tie Defenders and 2 Sail Barges at a Rite Aid late in 1999 for about 12 bucks apiece. The boxes were less than perfect and it looked like someone blew their nose on one of the Sail Barges but I was happy to find them.
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    I found the entire EU line on the pegs.
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    4-Lom to complete my bounty hunters collection.
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    in a podunk tru in east Texas i found at-ats, 12"han taun taun,deluxe beasts for $10 each along with all but the minok hunt cinema scenes for $5 each. i also found a deluxe boba fett without the skull on his shoulder at a K B for $3
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    The most proud of finding?? That would be the Han solo with TaunTaun and the Wampa with Luke. Now the most difficult for me was definitely the Han with Taun Taun.
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    I have to tell my dumb luck story again! I always find hard to find stuff and don't even know that they are hard to find. I bought Mynock Hunt for 9.99 at a KB Toys outlet thing called Toy Liquidators. I bought Zuckuss and Piett at a buy one get one free sale at KB when they first came out. I got the Y-Wing and Skiff at Target when they came out. I got Darth Maul Tatooine(black vest) for 1.97 at TRU, and didn't even know it until I saw it on the internet. I luck out so many times and don't even know it, that it makes me sick. I am such an idiot.
    I used to have this mentality: "If I found it, it can't be too rare." So lots of times I didn't buy it, only to find out later that it is rare. Like Darth Vader Rem. Helmet. I saw it at Target, but didn't buy it because I only had $20 and instead bought one of those Batman 4-Packs. ARG!
    I hated myself for that. I once saw the Electronic 12" Boba Fett for like $20 at KB and didn't buy it. I saw the regular 12" Boba Fett at TRU once and didn't buy it. ARG! I hate this!
    I now thank GOD for websites like this one which tell me which figs are rare!
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