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    No doubt about it, my greatest find was three-fold when I got FF Boba Fett, FF AT-ST Driver, and the elusive FF Weequay all case fresh at TRU. Being a carded completist, I didn't think much of it at the time, but boy am I glad I scooped those suckers up wen I did!

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    I would have to say the Bo`marr Munk just cause it was
    exclusive to the States and finding it here in the Fig store
    I shop at here in Toronto was a pretty cool score,

    even though it cost me $50 its cool that they made it.
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    I've only been collecting SW for a couple of years, but I've had many lucky finds, especially due to the clearance sales of the last two years.

    This spring , I found several cases of Commtech Stormtroopers and Holo R2 s at TRU just as they were putting them out in the bins. I got 15 Stormtroopers and a couple of R2s on sale for 1.50 each. Considering how many they were putting out, I was actually conservative! I later found a few more on a separate trip to TRU.

    Luckily, I've found 2 of each of the the Target Skiff, Y-Wing and 12” Speeder Bikes at retail (the Skiff once for the $14 sale price). I also recently found the B-Wing, although that one doesn't seem to be as hard to find, probably because it's overpriced.

    A friend at K.B.s last year hooked me up with a CASE OF TWO AT-ATs for the then–sale price of one: $30 plus tax. So I basically got them for $15 each.

    This same friend set aside new cases of Cinema Scenes, thanks to which I scored a couple of Mynock Hunts for $7 each.

    I found a POTF2 Remote Control R2-D2 MIB at a collector show for $5. Anyone have one? It's really neat.

    I found a couple of the Defense of Naboo 12" 2-Packs at Factory-2-U for $20 each. With a coupon that said I could get a second identical item for 50% off, I got both for $30 plus tax. So I basically paid $10 for the second one! (BTW, the Qui Gon in this set is the ONLY 12" Qui Gon worth having.)

    I scored a HUGE 40" x 60" Return of the Jedi poster on Ebay . It's the one with the pair of hands grasping a blue lightsaber against the stars. It's on heavy stock and was used in theaters during the initial 1983 run. They don't make posters like this anymore. Anyway, it normally goes for well over a hundred dollars, but I got it for $30. It didn't quite dawn on me how big it was until it arrived and I unfurled it. It's the size of an entire WALL! I still can't figure out how there were so few bidders on it, but it's MINE now!

    I also got one of those cool 15” Darth Vader Cinemacast statues online a couple of years ago for $30. It’s the same statue behind Lucas on the Special Edition “making of” documentaries, with Vader on the Bespin Carbon Freeze steps with lightsaber raised. These now go for over $200 on Ebay.

    On another collecting front, I found a couple of the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror sets last fall at retail, too!

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    R2 with holo leia !!

    For me it is R2D2 with Holo Leia which I found at Toys R Us for $1.97 in Ausitn, TX !! Now that's a find !!

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    Well, I recently found a CT hooded Leia in great condition for $4! I've gotten a free R2D2 Holo Leia, an ATAT from TRU for $10, Jabba with 2headed announcer for $5, free ultrama stand, the list just keeps going......

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    Mine would have to be the R2/w Leia holo. I found it A TOYS'R'US for $1.97 A few months ago! Tht same day at another 'R' I found the holo Sidous and red Naboo gaurd both $1.97
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    Man, I loved all the bargains that stores put out to clear their POTF2. I'll just make a list of the coolest things I've found.

    -13" Elec. Vader for $5. (Walmart)
    -12" Elec. Fett for $9.99 (KBKids)
    -Removable Helmet Vader for $1 with the coupon "trick". (TRU)
    -Tatooine Showdown, CT Stormtrooper, CT R2/holo for $14.50 total. (Ebay)
    -2 AT-AT Walkers for $10 each. (TRU)
    -Millennium Falcon for $15. (KB)
    -6 F/X X-Wings for $10 each. (TRU)
    -2 Han Solo with Tauntaun beast packs for $20 each.(
    -Mynock Hunt for $5. (TRU)

    I'll just leave it with those. I can't remember anything else POTF2 off the top of my head. I've been very fortunate. I love hunting this stuff down. =)

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    Picked up a set of Rebel Pilots CS today at a real good price today at the same shop I picked up the Mara Jade. It may be going at clearance price in the US but this CS is a premium item here. So, I regard this as a good pick

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    I would have to say that finding a Flashback R2 with the lightsaber packaged on the right side is at the top of my list. Found it about 6 months ago in the poor excuse of a toy dept. in a local KMart and to top it off it was only $3 bucks.


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