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    Cool Completed my vintage collect

    Well I done (maybe) with my vintage collection. I received the last item I needed/wanted today. A quick over view of my collection:

    100 figures, the 96 carded figures plus blue Snagg and Rebo Band. No Droids or Ewoks figures. And to the best of my ability to tell all have original accessories.

    22 vehicles. No mini or body rigs. I don't have the Battle Damaged X-wing, original TIE Fighter or Ewok Battle Wagon and at this point am not planing on getting them.

    15 playsets. I don't have the POTF version of Jabba's dungeon. I might get the Palitoy version of the Death Star, but that's the only European version of a playset I would buy.

    5 "creatures" and 4 accessories.
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