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    "Stolen" information...

    These are allegedly going to be the Sneak Preview figures for Episode III. Call it what you will. I thought it would be of interest to those who like to speculate.

    [font=Arial]The Sneak Preview Basic Figure of Star Wars Episode III - Wave 1
    85172.0000 SW E3 Basic Figure Asst. W1R1 05
    851590000 Coruscant Jedi Pablo Jill
    851600000 Coruscant Wookie Senator
    851610000 Coruscant Sly Moore
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    Re: "Stolen" information...

    All are welcome additions. Especially Sly Moore.
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    Re: "Stolen" information...

    sweet deal. I remember i got to TRU one day just as they were unloading a case of the ole' EP II sneak figures. Those sold like hotcakes for a week and then they sat around. hehehehee I can't wait for these though. any date on them?
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    Re: "Stolen" information...

    Well if they are that would totally and completely rock. All are welcome.
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    Re: "Stolen" information...

    I hope this really is the preview wave. Though they should toss in one more figure. There should be another long delayed E2 figure that can be tossed in here. Or maybe Padme in one of her E3 costumes, since there are always so many and they never really get them all done.

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    Re: "Stolen" information...

    I was thinking there should be a fourth as well, if there is my assumption it would be Grevious.
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    Re: "Stolen" information...

    Grevious should complete the preview list
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    Re: "Stolen" information...

    By that logic, Dooku should've been in the E2 Preview wave.

    My vote is for one of those Clonestormtroopers.
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    Re: "Stolen" information...

    Just because Dooku was the "bad guy" in Episode 2 doesnt mean he should have been a SP figure. Greivous is deserving of a figure because we've seen more than just pictures of him, we've seen him in (animated) action. Plus the Clone Wars cartoon had its own series of 'real' figures and animated figures, and Greivous was part of the Clone Wars cartoon, and most every other main character from that series has been made into a figure. Other than that this list sounds good, but I agree with El Chuxter on the inclusion of a Clone-Stormtrooper figure.
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    Re: "Stolen" information...

    I'm all for getting these figures, but not as sneak peeks. We've already seen them in TPM and AOTC! We need new figures from the new movie. For TPM, we got STAP with Battle Droid and Mace Windu. For AOTC, we got Jango Fett, Zam Wesell, Clone Trooper, and R3-T7. I just think we need new ones.


    Wookiees are in this film a lot, why not rework Yarua and make a Wookiee warrior with new accessories instead? We can get Yarua later.
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