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    Andy Kaufman Alive?!!

    An interesting story showed up today. Could it really be true and he actually faked his death?
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    Re: Andy Kaufman Alive?!!

    Andy always did say that if he got too swarmed, he would take 20 years off and i believe he's been gone for well over 20. It would be crazy if it is him though.

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    Re: Andy Kaufman Alive?!!

    This reminds me of the short lived Elvis web log. That was a good one.
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    Re: Andy Kaufman Alive?!!

    As most people probably are I'm skeptical.
    If this is in fact the real Andy Kaufman, then wow, good job Andy!
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    Re: Andy Kaufman Alive?!!

    He's dead and never coming back . . . unfortunately.

    I don't believe this current hoax which is going on.
    I read an article recently for a celebrity laced party in honor of the 20th anniversary and people could buy tickets to attend. The catch was that there were no cameras allowed and I assumed they would try to build up a frenzy over a rumored sighting.

    Who knows.

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    Re: Andy Kaufman Alive?!!

    I like how they use a Press Release to list it under Yahoo News . . . because of course, if this were true then they would have the press crawling ALL OVER talking about it.

    BTW Guyote, it was 20 years ago (May 16th) when Andy died.

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    Re: Andy Kaufman Alive?!!

    Well I believe Jim Morrison is still alive so why not.
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    Re: Andy Kaufman Alive?!!

    If he IS back... he's a stupid bint. I don't know if he should have come back... so-to-speak. I think he left us as a comedic genius and now... well-- his work would still be considered good but I think it would diminish his mystique.

    I dunno... that's just wack. I don't think that's really him.
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    Re: Andy Kaufman Alive?!!

    I was under the impression that faking your death is illegal. I remember someone telling me something to that effect when 2Pac died. If that is true, and if he is back, then he's probably going to be running into some legal trouble. At that point we will all know if its true. I highly doubt it, however. I really can't see how it can be done, either.
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    Re: Andy Kaufman Alive?!!

    Of course he is alive and the article proves it!

    Think about it, this is classic Kaufman! Weather he is actually alive or not! This is precisely the sort of thing that Kaufman was famous for, so in a way even if he is stone cold dead this stunt is proof that he lives on in the hearts and minds of his fans.

    So yes, I guess Andy Kaufman is still alive.

    Hmm, I wonder what Jerry "The King" Lawler has to say about Andy's return.
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