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Thread: Shrek 2

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    Thumbs up Shrek 2

    This was as good of a movie as I had expected it to be, which was a pleasant surprise. It seems whenever I get my hopes up Iím normally disappointed *cough*Van Hellsing*cough* .

    It was funny, with a good story (for a 90 minute toon), and one the whole family can enjoy. My 4 year old seemed to like it as much as I did. The new characters of PussíníBoots, The Fairy Godmother, and the King, were great.

    I canít say that it was better than the first one, but it was good, and maybe as good.

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    Re: Shrek 2

    Well I haven't seen this movie but it sure is cleaning up at the box office. It's already grossed $237.8 Million in just 12 days.

    This probably means we'll see a Shrek 3, Shrek 4, Shrek 5.........................
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    Re: Shrek 2

    Yep - 3 & 4 have already been announced.
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    Re: Shrek 2

    Stay for the credits.
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    Re: Shrek 2

    the jokes were good and plenty of sight gags, but overall the movie seemed forced to me (as sequels typically do).

    take what worked and got laughs from the original, devise a couple scenes along those same routines and then write a story which loosely ties those scenes together.

    but was still one of the better movies i've seen at the theater this year.

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    Re: Shrek 2

    I can't wait to see it. It opens here on the 14 of June. Can anyone give me an outline of the plot and infomation on Puss in Boots.

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    Re: Shrek 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Hasbro'sBountyHunter
    Stay for the credits.
    Do you mean like after the few credits where we get an apperance by the Dragon or is there more after that? I just stayed for the Dragon bit, so i guess i'll hafta see it again if i missed more!!

    BTW- This movie was HYSTERICAL. I'm gonna have to see it a few more times to catch all the things i probably missed.
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