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    Re: Star Wars Heritage

    I'm not sure what I'll do about the stickers - at first I thought about buying a set of them but now I don't know if I'm interested enough. They're just so . . . goofy.

    I do however still plan on getting a set of the wave 2 foils.

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    Re: Star Wars Heritage

    Wait til C3 or summer, Casesar. By then, a set of stickers will be $5.

    I, too, want to get a set of the wave 2 foils.

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    Re: Star Wars Heritage

    Yeah, good advice.

    By the time I hit Wizard World Chicago in August, I should get them pretty cheap.

    I've been looking up sketch cards on eBay lately and there are a good number that go dirt cheap (*cough Randy Martinez cough*).

    I'd still love to get a decent Anakin and Obi-Wan (AOTC) sketch card as well as a Padme . . . and a 2-1B would be incredible. Other than that, I'm probably not buying any more sketches. And besides, I need to save up for the next round of Star Wars cards in April.

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    Re: Star Wars Heritage

    I have two sketch cards (three, if you're counting the CW cards, too), so I'm happy.

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    Re: Star Wars Heritage

    After several email exchanges and a fax, a real live person from GamePro magazine called me. They had back issues of the Nov. '04 issue available for $9 ($6 for issue, $3 for shipping). So I should be getting it within a week or so.

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    Re: Star Wars Heritage

    That's cool, OC, glad you tracked one down.

    A few days ago I got another Fan Club kit, it's a repeat that I don't think I was supposed to get ? Anyway, I was surprised to find a Heritage P6 in the mix which is awesome because my friend still needs it and he was going to have to pay probably around $10 to get one.

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    Re: Star Wars Heritage

    I just renewed my subscription in December. Maybe I'll be that lucky too!

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    Re: Star Wars Heritage

    Out of the blue on Friday I received an email from GamePro's customer services department asking if I'd receive the back issue with P6 in yet. I hadn't, and it had been nearly two months since I ordered it.

    Short version, GamePro is sending the issue out to me free of charge. The manager was writing my addy on the envelop as we communicated, so hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) I'll get P6 in my hands this week.

    I was starting to think I wasn't going to get this card.


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