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    Re: Star Wars Heritage

    I got my exclusive "P2 Attack of the Clones" card today with my order from Star . . . 2 down, 4 to go !

    Nice card but damnit if they didn't just toss that thing loosely in the box. Two dinged corners but thankfully I was able to straighten them out sufficiently.

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    Re: Star Wars Heritage

    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    Nice card but damnit if they didn't just toss that thing loosely in the box. Two dinged corners.
    You'd think by now they would realize that we are collectors and that we like our stuff in good condition...kinda like when you spend money anywhere and expect to get things unbroken, unused, non-regurgitaded (food )...stuff like that!! Come ON! Star Wars shop, get with the picture here people!!

    Hey Caes...which others do you need? P1 and P4?
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    Re: Star Wars Heritage

    My card came in good condition. I think it was just tossed in the box, too.

    Contact the shop and complain. Can't do no harm.

    P-1 is being released with the next Insider.

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    Re: Star Wars Heritage

    Hi Deo, I have 2 and 3 so I need:

    1) coming in the next Insider as OC just said.
    2) ---
    3) ---
    4) coming in the new issue of Non Sport Update magazine which I'm picking up Friday.
    5) coming to me via eBay soon. I bought a "sell sheet" from a seller who is also including P3 and P5. P5 is originally exclusive via the Diamond Previews catalog. My local card shop owner said he would watch for it in his next copy but I'm getting with my sell sheet anyway.
    6) coming in the next issue of Gamepro magazine, due out the last week of this month.

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    Re: Star Wars Heritage

    I was surprised to see that P4 was handed out at ComicCon. I won a bid on ebay for P3 - P5.

    I'll have to look for the Non-Sport Update this weekend.

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    Re: Star Wars Heritage

    Still no words on more signers Still no words on the ratio of sketch cards & autos Only know is the etched foil card inserted 1 in every nine packs.Set of 6,2 different sets from retail & hobby box

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    Re: Star Wars Heritage

    I'll keep a look out, i've been doing mags at work alot so i'll most likely be able to score p6 at least!
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    Re: Star Wars Heritage

    Wondering if anyone can help me with any promos besides P5 and P3?
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    Re: Star Wars Heritage

    The comic shop didn't have the Non-Sport Update on Saturday. I'm stopping at the bookstore this afternoon to check again.

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    Re: Star Wars Heritage

    I saw the publishers of No-Sport Update at a big card show in Chicago and they had tons of the new issue. It comes with P4 as well as P5.

    The mockup in the last issued show an AOTC Yoda cover but they actually went with Anakin/Padme/Luke/Leia.

    So now all I need is P1 from Insider 78 and P6 from GamePro Nov.


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