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    Star Wars Heritage

    I hope the info linked at TF.N is accurate because it will have been nearly 2 years since the AOTC Widevision set was released - I've got the itch to collect a new set and I'm looking forward to this.

    And of course, I'll want to collect the 6 promo cards as well !

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    Re: Star Wars Heritage

    Exciting news, if it is indeed true. But you would think the second series of Clone War cards would come out first.

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    Re: Star Wars Heritage

    Those promo cards are all awesome !

    I like how they retrofitted the TPM and AOTC images into the old school trilogy card styles.

    I'm definitely buying 2 hobby boxes of this set, or if I can get a 4 box Hobby Case like I did for X2, then I'm going that route . . . that would almost guarantee 2 decent boxes and 2 "hot" boxes.

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    Re: Star Wars Heritage

    How much do these boxes cost? This is the 1st card set that interest me.

    The Promos are going to me a pain in the butt to get. Are Promos part of the set, or are they just extras?
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    Re: Star Wars Heritage

    Promos are not part of the set. IMHO, the difficult one to track down will be #3, since it's being handed out at a specific event. Large chain bookstores and comic shops should carry the other magazines with the promo cards in them, or you could order them online from the publisher. I've done that.

    The price depends on the card set. A friend paid in the neighborhood of $54 for a box of the hobby Clone War cards, and I've paid about $60 - $70 for the EPM 3D cards several years ago. With purchasing the box, at least you're guaranteed to get one complete set.

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    Re: Star Wars Heritage

    With the AOTC Widevision, I pulled about 3 sets per box.

    For that series, I paid around $60-$65 per box and for this upcoming Heritage release, I'm anticipating $70 or so . . . then hopefully I'll be overestimating.

    Turbo, if you are just interested in the basic card set, you can have one of my spare sets for free - believe me, I'll have a dozen or so.

    But if you want to get the chase card subsets as well, then you might want to buy one box to get a good chunk of the chase cards and then fill in the gaps.

    Well, maybe not . . . I collected the Evolution set a few years after it came out and it probably would have been cheaper for me to just buy a base set, then drop some coin on the A and B subsets. Of course, then I wouldn't have had the fun of pulling those autograph cards.

    Anyway, if anybody else just wants the basic set of Heritage, I'll have several extra that I wouldn't mind sharing.


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