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    4th quarter next year
    That's rough! I thought they'd get these out before May.

    You just can't win.
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    You know what I really want from Hasbro? Some really nice, super detailed diorama/playsets. I was over at NiubNiub's diorama website and his foamcore creations kick butt. I want high quality dioramas like those and ACPin's that I don't have to spend months building. I'd pay more for quality. instead, we get these cheapie fold together things or sort of wimpy stabs at playsets like the freezing chamber.

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    Collecting is worse here in Ireland, the only place I can anything (In the city I live in) Star Wars is in a film merchandise shop. In there Deluxe POTJ Darth Maul is 25, MADNESS!!!! Cunning plan?
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    Originally posted by Wolfwood319
    That's rough! I thought they'd get these out before May.

    You just can't win.
    But atleast its coming out So it might take alittle longer,it'll be worth it in the end
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