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    Unhappy Will Hasbro ever give us what we want?

    Do any of you think Hasbro will listen our pleas for a new Imperial Shuttle, a Sith Infiltrator and a new EU line? These, of course, are the things I want most but do Hasbro ever really listen to faithful collectors?
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    We won't get those things we want so close to a new movie. Earliest we might possibly see them, 4th quarter 2002.

    Will we though?

    Magic 8 Ball says: Not likely
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    Basker 15 ball says: Definitely not. Well not everything at least, and not how we want it. They'll produce things fans want, but only if they can make a bundle. What they don't get is we don't just want the figure, we want the figure to do stuff. How many of you can do more than maybe 5 natural-looking poses with that POTJ Imperial Officer? See, if they can make a bundle off it and still price it at what they want to so they'll be sure to make money, they'll produce it, but they think the fact that they're producing it is good enough.
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    Will Hasbro ever give us what we want?

    Since you always want what you don't have, the answer is no.

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    I think we will see them but not for a while.Maybe after the rush for EPII is over they will bring out more.
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    Sigh, it'll be a while before I get a Corran Horn .
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    "You must join me, Obi-Wan, and together we will destroy the Sith!"-Count Dooku

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    Let's put it this way, if you ever finally do get a Corran Horn figure, you wouldn't be able to appreciate him anyway...

    with Hell freezing over and all!
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    Too many collectors all want different things,Hasbro cant make everthing to satisfy us, So I highly doubt they'll make everything we want
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    Considering how collectors can never actually agree on what they want, I doubt Habro will ever satisfy everybody.

    Sure some would rejoice at the idea of a Corran Horn figure but there would still be people like me who would ask, "who the gonk is Corran Horn?" while simultaneously asking, "why couldn't Hasbro have made the Imperial Dignitary instead?"

    I see the POTJ X-Wing Luke as the best Luke thus far, some see it as the worst. Some of us are eagerly awaiting the 25th Anniversary figures, some of us wonder why Hasbro bothered.

    Hasbro will never please everybody at the same time.

    So, until I get a super-poseable, removable helmet, POTJ quality sculpted, double cloth caped Darth Vader I myself will never be completely satisfied.
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    What do you mean, collectors want too many different things? It sounds like everybody has agreed that they really want everything if possible and definitely premium items like the Shuttle and Sandcrawler.

    I think that maybe they'd listen to logical requests for these high price items if they'd understand why the EP I stuff didn't sell. Classic Trilogy items are still popular because EVERYBODY liked those movies. EP I stuff didn't sell that well because only "true fans" loved the movie. It's hard to get a consumer to fork over cash for a toy that will only remind him a big disappointment.

    Bring on the Classic Vehicles and Playsets. They will sell. Really!


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