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    Re: Reversed Lyrics...

    I’m just amazed at how clear the Led Zeppelin words are. But I can’t imagine what part played forward says six-six-six (I don’t hear anything repeated 3 times when listening to it forward).

    The Beatles track sounds as though they purposely learned how to say that phase backwards. I once saw on an old episode of “That’s Incredible” in the 80’s where some guy could say almost any word backwards perfectly.

    I heard a rumor that on Weird Al’s song “King of Suede” that he says “Satan eats cheese wiz” backwards in some part of it. I’ve never been able to confirm this though.
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    Re: Reversed Lyrics...

    Okay, time for me to represent MOBO again

    The vulgar truth behind Missy Elliott's Work it

    "Is it worth it, let me work, put my thing down, flip it and reverse it, flippy bippy dibby doo" which translates thusly;

    "it's yours if you can get it wet, ******"

    later on she repeats a line the right way after reversing it;
    flippy bippy dibby doo
    "I'm not a p********e, but I can give you what you want"

    jeddah <just waiting for the rap backlash>

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    Re: Reversed Lyrics...

    I always wondered why in the world she muttered stuff like that.
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    Re: Reversed Lyrics...

    "it's yours if you can get it wet, ******"

    awwww man, i've wondered what that was, no i wish i didnt know. thats gross.


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