View Poll Results: When Hasbro releases a multi-pack, do you:

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  • prefer to have all new items in the box?

    402 74.44%
  • prefer all the items be previously released?

    7 1.30%
  • prefer all but 1 of the items be previously released?

    10 1.85%
  • prefer an even split, half new and half old items?

    81 15.00%
  • just ignore it?

    22 4.07%
  • buy it no matter what because you're a completist?

    18 3.33%
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    What do you prefer from Hasbro multi-packs?

    With the recent release of the TRU-exclusive Pit of Carkoon 4pack and images of an upcoming Endor multipack, there has been a renewed division among collectors about these multi-packs. What do you want to see from Hasbro when they produce these multi-packs, should they be all-new items, just previously-released items, an even split, or (like most out now) sets where it's one new item and the rest are old?

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    Re: What do you prefer from Hasbro multi-packs?

    I prefer that they give us all new stuff (unless they are Imp. Army Builders ).

    But, seeing as how I am insane I will buy it regardless.

    My vote still goes with "all new stuff", I said I was insane...not stupid.
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    Re: What do you prefer from Hasbro multi-packs?

    I voted for "prefer all previously released"

    I like new figures on cards by themselves and that way I have the decision on what I want to get. Also, I don't have to spend more money if they are previously released. I tend to stay far away from multi-paks except the cinema scenes which were very cool and I do miss those.
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    Re: What do you prefer from Hasbro multi-packs?

    I bought the first few of these (Imperial forces (for the droid and AT-ST driver), bounty hunters (for the swoop) and the 2 versions of hoth (mainly for the Taun-Tauns)). I love the droid repaints and would gladly shell out the $19.99 just for one of those. I haven't even considered picking up the last 2 because they haven't offered anything really different (I couldn't care less about the plastic force field for Obi-wan or a bad kit bash Han solo.) From the looks of upcoming sets, I'll be skipping on most of those too. If they would put in hard to find figures rather than Jabbas skiff guards which even warmed the pegs around here when marked down to $3, then I might actually buy some of these again.

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    Re: What do you prefer from Hasbro multi-packs?

    I usually buy everything no matter what because I'm a Hasbro-sheep, but if I had the choice, I'd prefer to never be "forced" into re-purchasing figures unless they are army builders. All "sets" should have nothing but new items in them.

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    Re: What do you prefer from Hasbro multi-packs?

    SK brought up a good point about army builders, like stormies, which I hadn't considered when making my choice. I chose 'all new'. Who the heck wants to pay again for fig's that they already purchased (I'm assuming that if you liked it the first time you bought it, if you didn't like it before, you won't buy itr this time either).

    I miss the CS too, overall I like them more then I do the screen scenes we have now.
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    Re: What do you prefer from Hasbro multi-packs?

    I'd much rather have all new figures. These multi-packs are a great way to give us characters that don't necessarily merit being carded alone, but in a group are well worth the purchase. The Geonosian War Room sets are a perfect example. I imagine most of us would have passed on the Nute Gunray or Lott Dodd (Whichever one it was) that came with the set if it had been carded, but I like him more since he came with the set. The same applies to San Hill and some of the others. Ditto, Wol Cabass****e. At $5.00 alone on a card, that's not much of a buy, but as part of a group, great!

    Like others who bought the TRU 4-packs, I bought them for the new figures, and swoop bike. I've skipped the recent Jedi set, haven't seen carkoon, and will skip it anyway, and having seen pictures of Endor, am not planning on buying that one either. They aren't much better than all those early Saga figures carded together at KB Toys.

    If Hasbro needs to include older figures to keep the price down on these sets, then they should by all means include a couple, but make them something useful, such as troop builders as someone suggested and droid repaints. Do we really need Han or Darth Vader included in a four pack, when they are widely available on individual cards. A four pack with two imperial officers with the different head sculpts, a stormtooper, and a droid, would be much better.

    I've also noticed that the accesories in these sets have diminished to practically nothing since that loaded Imperial set. These four packs would also be a great way to include all those Ep. 1 accesory set pieces that most of us never saw, such as the hyperdrive repair kit, or the pit droids that were available in the 2-packs outside the U.S..

    Twenty-bucks is what we're paying for 4 individually carded figures anyway, so there's no reason for Hasbro not to give us four (or at least three) new figures in these sets. Imagine if Rieeken and his screen had not been offered as they were, but had been part of a Hoth set, which also included Torryn Far, Bren Derlin and Hobbie Klivan (w/leather inner helmet) and a new droid. We'd have been given four wanted characters, a droid and accesories, all in one set. Face it, the three that haven't been made are long shots for individually carded figures.

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    Re: What do you prefer from Hasbro multi-packs?

    I like the idea behind the Multi-Packs but I don't buy all of them. I wish they would either go with all new items or no new items. One or the other.

    I don't like having to spend $20 for 1 piece like I did with Aurra Sing's Swoop in the Bounty Hunters pack or the black R4 unit in the Imperial set. If they want to pack the sets full of older figures giving collectors who missed them another chance at obtaining them I'm all for that. Just keep the new and the old seperated and I'd be happy.

    I also like the idea of using these as Army Builder sets. I think the upcoming Naboo set and the previously released Imperial set are the closest we'll see along those lines though.
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    Re: What do you prefer from Hasbro multi-packs?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hellboy
    If they want to pack the sets full of older figures giving collectors who missed them another chance at obtaining them I'm all for that. Just keep the new and the old seperated and I'd be happy.
    Well put!

    It's the mixing of the two that really makes me stear clear of these multi-paks. If they were all new, I'd most likely get them, army builders, yup and all old...pass! But others would have a chance that missed 'em or are just starting up their collections.
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    Re: What do you prefer from Hasbro multi-packs?

    kind of a silly poll. can't think of anyone that doesn't want all new figures. I'm a completist so I will buy anything, but I would like new stuff and repacks seperate since I also have a loose collection and I don't need to open if it is all repacks.
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