Up until recently, Hasbro only portrayed holograph and spirit figures one way: simple figures cast in translucent (clear) blue plastic with virtually no additional color at all and little or no articulation. This wasn't particularly accurate to the films since spirit characters were slightly see-through with a blue aura and slight blue tint; holograph characters were mostly the same thing, except without the aura.

But this year, Hasbro has attempted something different, a Holo Luke and a Spirit Obi-Wan figure that are colored like normal characters but cast in translucent plastic; these new figures also have more articulation than the older holo/spirit figures. This recent change has sparked some debate, as evident in this thread. Each school has its supporters and detractors, and only time will tell which style becomes the new standard.

So which is the superior style for these holograph & spirit figures? Cast your vote and post your opinion!